Type Soul: How To Become A Soul Reaper Guide (& Progression)

Want to be the strongest Soul reaper? Check out our guide on how to become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul and its progression.

Becoming a Soul Reaper in Type Soul is controlling the flow of Souls between the humans and the after-life realm of the Soul Society. Inspired by the iconic anime Bleach, this Roblox game allows players to play as a Soul Reaper with various Shikai powers. But what about the progression of this race in Type Soul? And more importantly, how to become a Soul Reaper in this Roblox game? Don’t worry, check out our guide to know everything about the Soul Reaper and its progression.

How to Become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul

type soul become a soul reaper progression
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To become a Soul reaper in Type Soul, you must die as a human character, first. For that, you can be crushed by enemies, bosses, or other Roblox players. After dying and becoming a Lost Soul, you must find Kisuke NPC in Karakura town. Once you find and interact with the NPC Kisuke, you will be transformed into a Soul Reaper.

As a newly transformed Soul Reaper, you will spawn in Rukongai as a Trainee. For progression, you must make a party by pressing the button to the left of your screen. Then, you must find a Mission Board to queue various missions or quests.

Soul Reaper Progression

type soul become a soul reaper progression

Before enhancing skills for the best Soul Reaper build in Type Soul, learn Flashstep for 0 Skill points. You can find this Skill under the Speed skill tree. As a beginner Soul Reaper, you will work your way towards Grade 5 from the Trainee Rank. Once you level up to Grade 5, you will unlock the Senkaimon tool in your Inventory to travel to Soul Society.

After you reach there, press the comma button (,) to find markers highlighting various Divisions. Now, you must choose the preferable Divisions by speaking to their Captain NPCs to get Division Duties and farm Division XP. With various XP types, you can increase your rank with different progression requirements.

So, here are all the Soul Reaper progression requirements in Type Soul based on different ranks:

  • From Trainee to Grade 3: Requires only farming Mission EXP by completing different Missions.
  • From Grade 3 to Grade 2: Requires farming Mission and Division EXP.
  • From Grade 2 to Semi-Grade 1: In addition to the above EXP, you start earning Shikai EXP. You can earn this XP type by speaking to the Shikai Spirit in your inner world. You also need to get Division and Mission EXP along with the Shikai EXP.
    • Note that you cannot increase your rank past Grade 2 without beating your Shikai.
  • From Semi-Grade 1 to Elite Grade: For this rank, you require Raid, Grip, Shikai, Mission, and Division EXP.

Once you reach the Grade 2 rank, you can gain access to your Shikai by completing quests. To start with the Shikai quests, you must meditate 3 times for 20 minutes. Your fourth meditation will pit you against a Shikai fight within your inner world. If you win the fight, you can use your Shikai by pressing J key button while equipping your sword.

However, if you lose your Shikai fight, you can challenge it again with two options. You can either wait for an hour or reset the cooldown by gripping a player or an Arrancar NPC.

That’s all about how to become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul and its progression. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to leave the Division, how to reset races, and explore more Type Soul Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.