Type Soul Reroll Guide: How To Reset Race

Confused between choosing races? Check out our guide on how to reset Race in Type Soul Roblox.

Once you know how to reset your race in Type Soul on Roblox, you can reroll or change races at any time. Inspired by the popular anime Bleach, Type://Soul is a Roblox game that features races like Hollow, Quincy, and Soul Reaper. But unlike other Roblox games, you require a specific in-game item to reroll or wipe races to your preference. To obtain them, you can either buy or farm these items. So, how do you wipe or reroll races? Check out our guide to find out how to change or reroll race in this Roblox game.

How to Reset Race in Type Soul

type soul how to reset race

You can reset your race by using a Soul Ticket in Type Soul. But for that, you must obtain Soul Tickets by farming or buying them. The easiest way of getting a Soul Ticket is to buy it for 500 Robux. But if you don’t have enough Robux, you can farm Soul Tickets to reset or wipe your race. For that, you must beat Bawabaw and the Jidanbo bosses. You can find these Raid bosses around Karakura Town.

So, follow the below steps to get Soul Tickets in Type Soul:

  • Firstly, head to Karakura Town where you met Kisuke NPC (Soul Reapers).
  • Over there, defeat Bawabaw or Jidanbo bosses.
  • Soon as these bosses drop Soul Tickets, pick up the items.
  • You can find the Soul Tickets in your Inventory.

If these bosses don’t drop Soul Tickets, keep on fighting them until they reward you one. Aside from the above methods, redeeming the latest Type Soul codes can also help you farm Soul Tickets. After getting a Ticket, use it from your Inventory to change or reset your race. You can press the N key button to bring up the Inventory menu. Once you use Soul Tickets, you can wipe your race to become a Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow.

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