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Type Soul Rank Up: How To Get To Grade 2

Stuck on Semi-grade 2 in Type Soul? Use this trick to rank up!

One of the first things after becoming a Shinigami that you’ll want to do is rank up and get to grade 2 in Type Soul. And fighting Hollows isn’t the best way to farm XP. But using this method you will level up quickly. And the best part is you just have to play a simple clicker mini-game for it.

How to Get to Grade 2 & Rank Up in Type Soul

Type Soul Get To Grade 2

The fastest way to rank up in this game is by completing the Hollow Minigame. This mini-game works as the Division Duty of the 12th Division. Thanks to Shredsy on YouTube for sharing this method you can check out their video below.

The game itself is fairly simple, it will randomly pop-up some Shinigami and Hollows on your screen. You have to click on each icon that pops up. Since the mini-game pops these icons in a quick succession you can click on all of them. But try clicking on only the Hollow ones if possible. Play these games a few times and you will rank up to Grade 2.

Where to Find Division 12 Duty Minigame?

As the name suggests, you can find this mission in Division 12.

  1. Join the Division 12. If you are part of another division then leave it first.
  2. Find and click on the Division Duty board.
  3. The game will give you a pop-up asking “Complete the Hollow Minigame within Soul Society”
  4. Click on Yes.
  5. The mini-game will now start.

Stuck on Semi-grade 2 in Type Soul Fix

While the above mini-game is useful to speed up your leveling process, it isn’t enough to get you out of Semi-grade 2. If you are stuck there then that could mean you may have skipped the normal missions.

In order to rank up you have to do both division missions (division duties) & regular missions.

Play the mini-game repeatedly and you will Rank Up in no time! In case you change your mind after leveling up then you can always use Soul Ticket to change your race. And for other guides for this game check out our Type Soul section.