Type Soul Hollow Guide – Menos, Adjucar & Arrancar Explained

Stuck on being the weakest in the race? Check out this Hollow Progression guide for Type Soul so you can be the strongest Arrancar.

Since Hollows is one of the four races that players would want to try out in Type Soul, you might need this progression guide and check out what you need to do to rank up. Since Type Soul is heavily inspired by the classic manga turned anime series Bleach and it’s been getting popular amongst the community. Longtime fans would be excited to come across this notorious monster race whether to kill some of them or be one and evolve into an Arrancar. Players can grind harder and evolve into an even stronger Vasto Lorde.

Type Soul Hollow Progression Explained

hollow progression type soul

For players to become a Hollow and proceed with their campaign in Type Soul, they will have to die first. Once you do, press CTRL + K to rip off your chain of fate and be a lost spirit in the game. After which you will be sent to Hueco Mundo, a place between the human world and soul society where all the Hollows reside. You start as a weaker spirit with yellow eyes and although you can take off your mask at this point to be an Arrancar but doing so will transform you into a weaker version. So if you want to progress even further and become more strong, here are the steps you can follow:

How to Become a Menos in Type Soul

menos in type soul

Menos is the second stage players will come across while being a Hollow in the game. Players will have to defeat other Hollows and eat them to become Menos in Type Soul. Players will earn experience while doing so. Till then try to defeat as many Hollows as you can from the moment you enter Hueco Mundo. Taking off your mask at this stage will transform you into a menoscar but we recommend you follow the next step in the progression.

Adjucar Progression in Type Soul Explained

The next step after becoming a Menos would be to transform into an Adjucar. To do so players will have to kill hollows and fellow Menos for evolution. Once you gain enough experience you will evolve into an Adjucar. A tip to find other menos is to check out the Menos Forest area in Heuco Mundo. It is worth mentioning that you will have to be an Adjucar to reach the highest potential and transform into a Vastocar.

Arrancar Progression

arrancar in type soul

Players can take off their masks once they have finally turned into Adjucar to transform into a stronger Arrancar. From here turning into a Vasto Lorde is still possible with an untraditional method.

That’s everything covered on the Hollow Progression in Type Soul. If you are confused about choosing the races, check out our how to reset race guide right here on Gamer Tweak.