How To Get Vizard Race In Type Soul Roblox

Vizard players have access to Soul Reaper as well as Hollow powers. So check out how you can get into this race in Roblox Type Soul.

Just like you, many players out there are looking for ways to become a Vizard in Roblox Type Soul. It’s not a secret that Vizards are the Soul Reapers aka Shinigami who have acquired Hollow Powers illegally. And that’s the reason why they’re not accepted by the Soul Society. Although, becoming a Vizard is surely beneficial as it grants the player a huge Damage and Defense buff. So if you want to augment the power of a Soul Reaper and Hollow to flex your skills then let’s see how it can be done.

How Can I Become Vizard in Type Soul?

How Can I Become Vizard in Type Soul race
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Unfortunately, the Vizard race is unobtainable at the moment in Type Soul. It was last available in the Beta state of the game but later on, was removed by the devs. The reason behind this change is uncertain but don’t worry it is speculated that players will soon get access to this race in the future. On the other hand, you’ll still find some Vizard players in the game, who have already acquired this race in the beta state and can wield the Hollow powers. For your reference below we have mentioned the steps to become a Vizard. So you can collect the required item and be ready to grab the opportunity as soon as the race is made accessible again.

  1. First, go ahead and become a Lost Soul.
  2. Next, meet Kisuke NPC to become a Soul Reaper / Shinigami.
  3. After that, farm 5 to 10 Hogyoku Fragments.
  4. Once done, click on the Fragments, and doing so will turn you into a Vizard.

Try these steps as soon as the Vizard Race is accessible and you’ll be more powerful than you were before. As mentioned above, this race can wield the Soul Reaper & as well as the Hollow race powers just by pulling out the Hollow mask.

That’s everything you need to know about how you can turn into a Vizard race in Roblox Type Soul. If you’re planning to change your Faction, then check out this Race Reroll guide for more details. Also, take a look at the Roblox Type Soul Codes to get free rewards.