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Returnal: How To Beat Ophion

Find out how to beat the boss Ophion in Returnal.

Ophion is the last boss fight you have to complete in Returnal. Unsurprisingly, Ophion is the toughest boss in the game. Its attacks are varied and random and get bumped up with each phase of the fight. However, there are certain workarounds available for this. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and have your finger ready on the Dash button. So let’s dive into the Abyssal Scar and find out how to beat the Ophion.

How to Beat Ophion in Returnal


How To Defeat Ophion In Returnal
Ophion can be found in the depths of the Abyssal Scar.

Like all other boss fights, the fight with Ophion takes place in 3 stages. Your go-to plan of action to beat Ophion will be to target either the red lesions on its body or aim for the shimmering orbs around it. This is the only way to injure Ophion as it is well protected on other body parts. You should have the upgrade that allows Selene to breathe underwater.

During phase 1 of the fight, the attacks will be comparatively slow allowing you to get a feel for the kind of attacks Ophion will use. Ophion will start off by using small debris that it will send in your direction. It will also make use of lasers. These lasers are unfortunately not the ones you can dash through. You will have to jump and get out of the way of these ones. Ophion also bangs the ground sending triple-stacked purple rings your way. Make sure you jump when they’re near and you will be able to clear them easily. There even is a yellow hail of bullets that you can easily dodge by just moving aside.


For the second phase of the fight the intensity increases. The attacks start getting more random and faster. However, you still have to follow the same basic steps and you will be good. Also, during this phase, Ophion will start swinging its arms wildly like it’s at a rave. Combined with the flashy lasers it will make you feel like you are at a concert but it’s best to keep your distance. The debris will also have a wider attack angle, however, a well-timed dash or jump is enough to get you out of the way.

The third phase is where everything really ramps up. The attacks become continuous leaving you little to no room for error. The triple-stacked waves also change direction and move vertically too. Your target should always be the red lesions and the shimmering orbs besides the Ophion. They take huge damage and you will be able to complete the boss fight sooner than you think.

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 Where to find Ophion

Ophion can be found at the end of the final biome in Returnal. You will need to make your way through the Abyssal Scar and dive down. Once you are here a short cutscene will be triggered.

Tips for fighting Nemesis in Returnal


Make sure you keep going through previous loops in the game so that you have good weapons. Improve your Weapon Proficiency too which will allow you to access better weapons. You can bolster suit integrity by getting Resin from the biomes. Use parasites to your benefit and choose ones that maximize damage. Get rid of the ones that sap health.

Before you start this boss fight, go through the map once again to pick up some artifacts. You can do this by using the Translocators to fast travel around the map. Having done that keep an eye out for Fabricators. These Fabricators will give you various consumables and resources that will help your cause. Also, make sure that you have a reliable and worthy enough weapon.

Carry some consumables and healing potions too. If you do get severely wounded just go to the side and take a break to heal your health. Use parasites accordingly so that you can increase suit integrity. Farm the earlier maps to get access to better weapons in the game. Use objects such as Astronaut’s Figurine to improve your chances of getting through the run with ease.

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What happens after beating Ophion in Returnal

After beating Ophion you will complete the second act. However, there is a third act to the game too. As part of the third act, you come to know the true story behind Selene and Returnal. To access this you will have to go on a hunt through all the biomes again to search for Sunface Fragments. Once you have all these Sunface Fragments you will again have to dive to the Abyssal Scar to get to the Secret Ending.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat Ophion in Returnal. While you are here have a look at how to walk on Lava in the game. You can also find out how the Overload Mechanism works.