How To Get Rid Of Parasites In Returnal

Find out how to remove parasites from your suit in Returnal.

Parasites can be harmful and you really need to get rid of them in Returnal. The game is notoriously difficult and sometimes even the good stuff will want to kill you. While some parasites are good and help you to heal, they will also have a trade-off of sorts. While the positive effects will give you certain buffs, the negative effects are also important to understand. So, let’s find out how to get those stingy creatures off your body and get rid of parasites in the game.

How to remove parasites in Returnal

Returnal: How To Get Rid Of Parasites
Use the Parasite Extractor to get rid of Parasites.

There are four ways to get rid of Parasites:

  • Using the Parasite Extractor
  • Consuming the Parasite Harvester
  • Consuming the Extermination Sphere
  • Allowing the Parasite to detach itself

Using the Parasite Extractor to get rid of parasites in Returnal

The Parasite Extractor will unlock after you beat Phrike, the first boss. You will come across it after beating Phrike. It looks like a large cylinder. Once you interact and scan with it you will get an option to enter the chamber. After this, your character will step into the Extractor and come out. You will also earn some Obolites in return for this.

Consuming the Parasite Harvester

The Parasite Harvester is kind of a mobile Parasite Extractor. It does the same job as the Extractor with similar results. You have to consume this item in order to detach all the parasites from your suit. You will also get Obolites in exchange for doing this.

Consuming the Extermination Sphere to get rid of Parasites in Returnal

The Extermination Sphere is another consumable such as the Harvester. It will detach all the Parasites that are on your bodysuit. However, unlike the Harvester, you won’t get Obolites in return for using this consumable.

Allow the Parasite to detach itself

Each Parasite will provide you with a certain boost for a limited duration. Once you fulfill the criteria, the parasite will automatically detach itself from your suit and be on its way.

You can even apply multiple parasites in your suit to get additional boosts. Using an item called the Murmuring Cocoon will help in boosting the positive effects of the Parasites.

This is everything you need to know about how to detach Parasites in Returnal. Now that you are here have a look at how to use the Data Cube as well as how to get and use a Grappling Hook.