How to Use Consumables in Returnal – Restore Health

Want some help with how to heal in Returnal, then read this guide.

Alien creatures will attack you on your exploration in Returnal. This will damage the integrity of your suit and if you die you return to the starting point. Thankfully the game is not that harsh and has consumables. They are scattered around various places. At the start, there is a single consumable slot, you can choose to switch other items to store more than one. In this guide, I am going to help you with how to use consumables and where to find them in Returnal.

How to restore Health in Returnal?

Returnal Health

On the left top of the screen, you will see an Integrity Meter. A red bar that lowers when you are attacked. If it reaches the endpoint you will die for sure. There is no way it is going to refill on its own. This is what makes Returnal Challenging. You can restore this by healing yourself. For this, you will need consumables.

Returnal Consumable Guide

Consumables are available in the form of cylinders in different areas. Sometimes in corners, you can easily spot them. Just walk near the object and scan it, a single consumable will be added to your inventory. Press L1 to use Consumable when you are taking high damage. You don’t really have to struggle a lot to find them and yet we haven’t found crafting requirements.

Just search for the glowing cylinders and scan them. A consumable will be unlocked and added to your inventory. You can then instantly use it by pressing L1 and restore approx 30% of your Suit Integrity.  The game has different types of consumables, the most common one is to restore integrity. Some of them will have additional buffs. Here is the list of all consumables in the game.

Types of Consumables in Returnal

  1. Alt-Fire Coolant – Rest Alt-Fire Cooldown. Commonly found in all biomes.
  2. Silphium Vial – Restores a small amount of Integrity. Commonly found in all biomes.
  3. Large Silphium Vial – Restores large Integrity. Commonly found in all biomes.
  4. Leeching Nanoswarm – Release nanobots to attack enemies and depletes their integrity restoration speed. Commonly found in all biomes.
  5. Obolite Siphon – Convert Obloites into Integrity. Commonly found in all biomes.
  6. Residual Sphere – Makes enemies drop Resin on death. Commonly found in all biomes.
  7. Shocking Springs – Create a blast while jump on landing for 30 seconds. Commonly found in all biomes.
  8. Shield Vial – Get Shield for the next hit. Commonly found in all biomes.
  9. Translocation Sphere – Teleport to an unknown location. Commonly found in all biomes.
  10. Xeno-Tech Prism – Unlock extra Consumable Slot. Found in Crimson Waste.
  11. Anti-energy Pulse – Unlock Burst of Energy that transforms enemies projectiles into Obolites. Commonly found in all biomes.
  12. Ground Surge –  Unleash Xeon-Spike which attacks nearby hostile. Commonly found in all biomes.
  13. Nullification Sphere –  Fixes Malfunctions and Disordering. Commonly found in all biomes.
  14. Obolite Extractor – 50% chances of getting Obolites after killing the enemy. Commonly found in all biomes.
  15. Repairs Augment/ Stat Augment – 20% boost in Repair.

The best thing to do is hunt for new weapons. This matters the most, powerful weapons will help you to kill down stronger monsters in Returnal. With this, there are upgrades and boosts that will be available as you keep on scanning for new items in the game. Till then make sure you run around in all nooks and corners to find a consumable. It is always there in a fighting zone.