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How to Change Suits in Returnal – How to Unlock New Suits?

How many suits are there? How to Unlock New Suits? How to equip a New Suit?

In Returnal you will have some suits under Pre-order bonus. We had just started discovering this game and will update you more on the part of the new suit. But if you have pre-ordered this game then you are eligible for a brand new suit. You can change that anytime in the game, new suit does not have any impact on the stats. Everything is the default for new and old suit players. Here is how to equip a new suit in Returnal.

How to Change Suit?


Returnal Suit Storage

Go to the Ship and look for the Storage section. There are three storage compartments where you can find your brand new Suit in Returnal. Press Triangle, and you can view Suit 1.0, Suit 2.0, and Suit 3.0. The suit storage is on the left side of the main door. You won’t find it active if there is no pre-order bonus.

Returnal 3 Suits


Press Triangle by walking near to the suit storage and pick any one of your choice. Then press X, to equip the suit. This is how you can change suit in Returnal. The suits are part of the pre-order bonus so yet nothing new is discovered in the game. The above there will change the appearance of the character and will not impact the suit stats. It remains static for all players, where everyone has equally struggle to upgrade them.

The best thing about Returnal is getting weapons on the way along with upgrades. They attached directly to the suits, so exploration is the key to power. You will unlock a lot of amazing gadgets while exploring alien territory. Just keep an eye on the suit integrity if you lose you will start from scratch. Make sure you return to ship on low integrity to rest and restore your health.

Also, an important tip, check the guide on how to swap weapons in Returnal. You cannot rely on a side-arm or a standard rifle in the game. Better weapons will be needed and they will be unlocked as you progress in the game.