How to Change Weapons in Returnal?

Want to switch to new stronger weapons, then here is what to do?

Returnal is a survival game, whereas an only left space traveler you are on a mission to find what happened to your friends. After the ship crashes you will explore the alien structure, exploit the resources and kill alien enemies to gather valuable supplies. It is quite important to know about switching weapons at the very early stage of the game. You will encounter more powerful alien creatures as you progress deeper into the zone. In this guide, I will share this valuable tip of changing weapons in Returnal.

How to Swap Weapons in Returnal?

Returnal's Weapon Chest

You will begin with a pistol, a side-arm the first weapon drop in Returnal. It is found near the corpse of an ally. After this, you will be attacked and the weapon will be used to shoot them down. There are two ways to change weapons in Returnal. The first is by finding a new weapon and walking over it. Press Triangle to replace it with your existing one. The second way to change weapons in Returnal is by finding a Chest.

There are many chests and interacting with them will summon some enemies. So be ready to attack them. These containers offer you upgrades, weapons, consumables, etc. Just press the Triangle when you are near to one of them. At the start, a few flying enemies will be summoned, try to dodge the attacks. Use your sidearm weapon to kill them. Stronger weapons will be unlocked as you keep progressing deeper into the alien area.

Returnal Weapons

For example, you will get your first Xenotype Weapon OverGrown Ruins. Returnal Weapon has Traits and Stats with Proficiency. You can earn Proficiency by killing the hostiles in the game. Every weapon three properties, they are Alt+Fire, Stats, and Traits.

  • Alt-Fire: Alternative Firing Mechanism. Recharges overtime.
  • Stats: Weapon Power and Attributes.
  • Traits: Unlock then by continuous use of weapons.

What happens when you die in Returnal?

When you die in Returnal you will be returned back to the start. You will see the Ship Crashing cutscene. It is best to return to the ship before your Health falls to zero. The critical state of your suit will be displayed on the top left of the screen. That’s when you can return to the ship and rest. The ship terminal will give you access to Daily Challenges, Ship Logs, etc.

You can save a lot of effort by returning back to the ship. We had yet not discovered any fast travel point in Returnal. But we will update you soon, till then do not forget to check our Returnal Tips and Tricks section for more guides on this game.