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Returnal: How To Use Data Cube And Its Locations

Find out how to easily locate Data Cubes and Data Cube Processors in Returnal.

Returnal might seem like a game that will have your character survive the harsh rogue-like environment of it in extreme conditions. But if you take a closer look, the game showers players with a variety of resources that are sometimes prominent and sometimes not. One such useful item is a Data Cube. Data Cubes will unlock you a bunch of blueprints for different Artifacts, Consumables, and Weapons. Now, these items can be tricky to find and there are two parts to this process. You will need to find the Data Cube first and you will then need to find the Data Cube Processor to insert it in and actually use it. These puppies can be tricky to find sometimes so in this guide, we will help you find the location of Data Cubes and their Data Cube Processors in Returnal.

Where to Find Data Cubes?


Beakable Wall Returnal
You need to keep an eye out for the breakable walls to find Data Cubes in Returnal easily. They are built a bit differently from the regular walls. You will see the difference between them with breakable walls having more cracks than usual. These locations have high chances for Data Cubes availability. The catch is that you can only carry one data cube at a time. If you already are equipped with one Data Cube and pick up another one, you will drop the previous one.

Where To Find The Data Cube Processors?

Data Cube Pod Returnal


Data Cube Processors will be found after Boss Fights in the same location of the fight. So you might have to face more bosses than usual to access the Processors and use the cube items. You will encounter your first one after defeating the boss in the first biome. You will have to stack your Cube in your inventory until then.

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