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How To Survive In PlayStation 5’s Returnal – Tips And Tricks for Beginners

Breaking the loop is the rule, survival being an exception in the PlayStation 5's newest member: Returnal.

A dark unknown planet called Atropos seems hollow and dangerous. Crashlanding in this empty world, a perfect disaster. Is Selene alone? Can anyone hear her? What happens when she finds someone familiar on this planet. Get close, it’s her own dead self. She’s not alone, her past will keep her company. Her life and death cycles will trap her. No one is listening, except for a civilization that wants catastrophe. Do you see the White Shadow? Returnal, the Ps5 recent launch will have the answers to all these questions. This third-person shooter cannot be compared to any experience that you have had with horror games and the scale at which it comes at you will be unexpected and petrifying. The game might need some guidance as this rogue-like game can be unpredictable. Hence, we have gotten together a few survival tips and tricks for PlayStation 5’s Returnal game.

Tips to Survive in PS5 Returnal Game


Take a look at some of the most important tips and tricks for beginners for survival in the game of Returnal.

Develop a Pattern by Exploration for Survival in Returnal

Explore Returnal


When we say the game is unpredictable, we mean it. But no, we are not creating paradoxes by saying that the game setting is random and the players need a pattern. The character goes through life and death cycles. Every time the loop restarts, players are met with a different environment in the gameplay. Each environment is completely randomized. The trick here is that in every environment you encounter, pay close attention to detail. Chances are that environmental modules will be encountered by the player again with a slight difference in the setting.

Spend a considerable amount of time exploring the Returnal biomes. Once you get the pattern of the mood-setting in one environment, the other environments with similar moods and occurrences. The game hence successfully provides the players with new content every time. Developing a pattern for each mood of the environment, however, will make it easier for you to survive in the Returnal game.

Take Your Risk With the Malignant Keys


Maligant Keys
You will collect a permanent currency in the game called Ether which you have to deposit at the start of every round in a device called Cthonos, your spaceship itself where you respawn. This would help players unlock new gear in the game. One such component in the game is Malignant Key that you can obtain using Ether.

Now, these keys can be used for doors and treasure chests that you encounter throughout the game. The catch here is that these keys are tricky. Sometimes these keys will trigger certain alarms and malfunctions and things can go south. But the rewards are equally rewarding and worth taking the risk. If you trigger a malfunction, just trust your skills and battle your way out. So take the risk to pick up the Malignant Keys for better resources of survival in Returnal.

Unlock the Atropian Blade to Access Melee Attacks


Melee Weapon Blade Returnal Survival Tips Tricks
The core of the game runs on randomization. Every aspect of the game from the biomes to the weapons and even enemies is completely randomized to give that uniqueness and freshness in the gameplay. But some of the items are permanent. Just like Ether, the Atropian Blade for the melee combat is an unlockable feature and also a permanent one. This blade is needed to perform melee attacks on the enemies and hence we suggest you find the Atropian Blade early on in the first Biome of the gameplay for better survival in Returnal. The enemies that have a red shield around them can only be killed via this blade so it is a crucial component in the game.

Practice Your Controller Actions Before Beginning

Practice Dash Feature
We know you gamers are basically using your controllers as your body part by now and feel like this is useless advice. But, the game seems to challenge that. The Biomes sometimes transport you to rooms that have enemies spawning randomly and out of nowhere. So we suggest that certain features like the ‘Dash’ feature which is introduced in Returnal should be practiced beforehand. Dash has a cooldown period so timing and quick thinking will b vital. You do not want to accidentally use an important skill at the wrong time. The tentacle aliens can kill you in a blink and you would have to start over. Most of the enemies have long-range showers of attacks in waves that the player will have to dodge and that will not be just in one direction. So go over the controls a couple of times and use the skills before diving into a battle.

Do Not Save All Your Resources For Later

Consumables Returnal Survival Tips Tricks
The game gives three kinds of resources namely: Artifacts, Consumables, and Mysterious Devices. Most of these are just biome-oriented. So if you think of stacking them up for later in the game, they will very well be wasted. The dark horror environment is very resource-rich. It is suggested that you scout the entire surrounding first instead of going straight to the main point of the Returnal map. This will also help you prep up for the fight. Do not hold back on any of the resources that you find. If you die, the items are wasted. Most of the consumables are non-permanent items. If you read the description of the item you pick up, it will be evident whether the item is permanent or Non-Permanent.

Explore Selene’s Character via the House

The House Returnal
The game is interlinked in the most intricate patterns which could seem incomplete at times. The best bet is to start with Selene herself. The House in Returnal is where you can explore Selene’s character which is an important tip of survival in Returnal. This exploration will be a first-person experience and will give some important insights into your character. While this may seem like a menial part of the game, it can prove to be the underdog. The House may just have the missing pieces of the puzzles that you are looking for and would help you understand the game better. Spend some time in the past to help you know your future better in the game.

Look For The Attack Patterns For Survial In Returnal

Attack Waves Returnal Survival Tips Tricks
The enemies clearly do not want you running around on their planet with a gun killing their folks. They will do all they can to kill you. Attacks in form of wave patterns to a hastened attack out of nowhere will definitely catch you off guard. Some enemies in Returnal generate attack waves after you kill them so you will have to keep an eye out for that and wait out for a couple of seconds to see the aftermath. Once you see the coast is clear, move forward. The tentacle enemies will charge up from their tentacles and you will see a wave of light pass through the tentacles before an attack. Now while the attack is in a huge wave covering a considerable amount of area, you will have an upper hand knowing that the attack is about to commence. So keep your eye out in the fight and after it for better chances of survival in Returnal.

The philosophies of the game are revolving around bullet hell, keeping your character moving, and the sheer randomness of the game thrown at you. The dark destructive vibe with the soundtrack complements the nervous yet thrilling path to survival and breaking the chain. So that was all for our guide on tips and tricks for survival in Returnal.

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