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How To Heal Yourself In Returnal

Find out how to heal yourself in Returnal.

Returnal has got alien parasites and whatnot, so you do need to need to heal yourself on occasion. Returnal also has this annoying feature wherein every loop you start, sets you back in terms of your gear and inventory. So it makes it worthwhile to know where to go if you want to heal yourself in the game. There are also some items you can use to increase your health when you are in a particular biome. So scroll down and find out more about how to heal yourself in Returnal.

How to heal your health in Returnal


How To Heal Yourself In Returnal
Using the Inert Reclaimer will boost your health.

You can heal yourself by using two items in Returnal, Silphium and Inert Reclaimers. Both of these work to varying degrees of success and it also depends on their type. It is a relatively straightforward process, but at times some of these items can even harm you. Yeah, talk about being easy.

Silphium can be identified by its glowing green facade. It will spawn randomly over the map and is a pretty common occurrence too. However, there are 4 variants of the Silphium, namely, Small Silphium, Silphium, Large Silphium, and Malignant Silphium. Needless to say that the larger the size, the better the healing. However, Malignant Silphiums are a bit of a headache. You can cleanse them using Ether but if they don’t function as intended, they can inflict Malfunction on your bodysuit. Sucks, doesn’t it?


Inert Reclaimers are the best at healing in Returnal. They restore HP as well as improve the integrity of your suit. Unfortunately, just like other stuff in the game, it is a double-edged sword. The Inert Reclaimer also spawns Lamiadons which is just great. It’s almost like the game wants to kill you at every turn.

How to restore Health

To restore health you will need to use the consumables around the map. These consumables can be found in the form of cylinders that are strewn around the map. Scan the cylinders and the items will be deposited in your inventory. Access your inventory and use L1 to use the object. Using a consumable will restore approx 30% suit integrity. You can find out more about the types of consumables in the interlinked article.


How to increase Max Health in Returnal

You can increase the max health capacity of your character Selene. Doing this also boosts your suit integrity. To increase your max health you need to find either the Silphium Resin or Large Resin. The Silphium Resin fills in 1 bar, whereas the Large Resin fills up 2 bars. Here again, there’s a catch if you manage to get the Malignant Resin. There is every chance it could go haywire and cause a malfunction to your suit, but, desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you can manage to find a Slimy Huskweaver Parasite you might be in for a treat as it can help increase your suit integrity. However, there is a tradeoff. If you use this parasite and later get a malfunction, the intensity of said malfunction will increase manyfold.


If you are on a run through a loop, go back to your ship. This will allow Selene to rest and will also regain some of the lost health. Fabrication Pods will also appear once in every run which will help you to regenerate your health.

This is everything you need to know about how to heal in Returnal. Now that you are here why not take some time to have a look at some of our other Returnal Guides.