Returnal: All Permanent Equipment Upgrades

Here are all the permanent equipment upgrades in Returnal.

Returnal is a game of perpetual change by its very essence and genre. Selene returns to the Helios crash site at the start of the game each time she dies. Any roguelike should expect to lose some things, but it’s also a half roguelike, which means there are some permanent modifications that carry through between runs. When she dies, she doesn’t keep any of her belongings, but there is some lasting gear in Returnal. So let’s look at all the permanent equipment upgrades in Returnal.

What Are All the Available Permanent Equipment Upgrades in Returnal?

There are many types of equipment that are considered permanent upgrades once you unlock them in Returnal. So here’s the list of those items below:

  1. Anathema Key
  2. Atropian Charger
  3. Crimson Door Key
  4. Delphic Visor
  5. Echoing Key
  6. Ether
  7. Fractured Key
  8. Hadal Ballasts
  9. Hermetic Transmitter
  10. House Key & Progress
  11. Icarian Grapnel
  12. Promethean Insulators
  13. Xenoglyph Cipher
  14. Xeno-Tech Prism

All Permanent Equipment Upgrades in Returnal

  • Anathema Key

    • This object is found in the Overgrown Ruins and unlocks the Anathema Vault, which leads to the game’s first boss. For the rest of your game, this vault door will stay open.
  • Atropian Charger

    • This object can be found in the Overgrown Ruins. This gives your guns an alternative firing mode.
  • Crimson Door Key

    • The first boss in Overgrown Ruins drops this item. Can open the permanent crimson doorway which forever will lead to the Crimson Waste area.
  • Delphic Visor

    • Allows you to see previously hidden areas and gain access to previously inaccessible platforms.
  • Echoing Key

    • One of the keys, when paired with the other, will permanently open the Echoing Vault for you.
  • Ether Permanent Equipment Upgrades in Returnal

    • Ether is a never-ending resource that cleanses Malignancy and does not deplete upon death. Only make sure you don’t have more than 30 Ether on hand at any given time. After that, any additional Ether is essentially lost.
  • Fractured Key

    • The Fractured Key can be located in the Echoing Ruins, and it activates the Fractured Gateway, which links the Echoing Ruins and the Fractured Wastes.
  • Hadal Ballasts

    • Enables you to walk on the ocean floor permanently, found in Fractured Wastes.
  • Hermetic Transmitter

    • Enables you to teleport across translocation devices and use fast travel locations. Found in Overgrown Ruins.
  • House Key & Permanent Equipment Progress Upgrades in Returnal

    • You will play six-story sequences in this house until you find it in the Overgrown Ruins and Echoing Ruins. Each one is permanently unlocked once completed, and the next house chapter will be available in the next cycle.
  • Icarian Grapnel

    • Enables you to use a grappling hook to reach grappling areas and navigate large spaces in Crimson Wastes.
  • Promethean Insulators

    • Powers you to avoid dangerous environments. Found in Fractured Wastes.
  • Xenoglyph Cipher

    • This language fragment can be found in all biomes and will activate additional interpretation thresholds in Xenoglyps.
  • Xeno-Tech Prism

    • You will earn an extra Consumable room. Can be found in both the Crimson Wastes and the Echoing Ruins.

That’s everything you need to know about all the permanent equipment upgrades in Returnal. There’s a lot more hidden info in the game that will help you to survive longer. So take a look at our  Returnal Guides we’ve built with many tips and tricks to help you in navigating this planet.