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Returnal: How To Beat The First Boss Phrike

This is the complete boss fight guide for Phrike in Returnal.

Phrike is the first boss fight that you will face in Returnal. The game does have a habit of making things annoyingly difficult. May it be with the game’s save feature or even the healing process. Anyhow, if you do follow some of these tips and tricks it might be possible to get away unscathed. So, scroll down and read more about how to beat Phrike.

How to defeat Phrike in Returnal


How To Beat Phrike In Returnal
You can find Phrike in the Overgrown Ruins.

In the fight with Phrike, movement will be your friend. The fight takes part in three phases. You need to keep moving around to avoid all the enemy attacks. You can even use the dash feature to get out of the attacks. The Dash feature makes you temporarily invisible and allows the attacks to pass through you directly. So make sure you use it as much as you can. Long-distance gunfire is your best bet in this fight.

One of the first attacks that Phrike will perform is the barrage of explosive rocks it will send in your direction. They are usually slower and you can avoid them without much of a fuss. This attack can be identified by the yellow glow around said rocks.


Similar to the above attack is the purple-colored rocks. These however are much faster and will come at you in a straight line. This attack might be a bit difficult to dodge due to its speed so keep as much distance between you and Phrike as possible.

One of the most damaging attacks Phrike will perform is the dash charge it undertakes. Phrike will rush towards you in a sudden burst and you can get caught out if you aren’t attentive.

Phrike has a cyclops-like ability to shoot lasers from its head. This beam of laser will be directly targeted towards you. You can use the dash to get out of the way or simply jump and move over it. Phrike will also occasionally release red rings that you need to dodge. You can do that by simply jumping over them.


If you are too close to Phrike beware of the green object around it, as it can damage you if you get too close. Lastly, Phrike will use the mist to disappear. However, you can see the movement by tracking its body’s orange glow and the ripples in the mist.

How to unlock the Phrike boss fight in Returnal

Phrike is the boss of the Overgrown Ruins biome. To unlock him you will have to find the Anathema Key. This key in turn unlocks the Anathema Vault which is where you will find Phrike. You can find this Anathema key by combing the map properly and completing the objectives in the game.


Tips for fighting Phrike

The Phrike fight all depends on your ability to move around well. It’s okay if you allow the yellow color projectiles to hit you. However, steer clear of the purple color projectiles. Also, try to keep as much distance as possible between you and Phrike.

Before you start this boss fight, go through the map once again to pick up some artifacts. You can do this by using the Translocators to fast travel around the map. Having done that keep an eye out for Fabricators. These Fabricators will give you various consumables and resources that will help your cause. Also, make sure that you have a reliable and worthy enough weapon.

This is everything you need to know about fighting Phrike in Returnal. While you are here have a look at some of our other guides such as how to change weapons. If you have been facing crashing issues find out how to fix the PS5 crash issue.