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How To Save Your Game In Returnal

Find out how to save your progress in Returnal.

Returnal is the newest RPG game that is exclusive to the PS5, save for a few others. The game is notoriously difficult to get through and takes a very unique approach to gameplay. Mind you unique doesn’t mean easy and this theme continues in the game’s progress saving system. Returnal does have a pretty handy autosave system but the gameplay’s mechanics are quite difficult. So with all that out of the way let’s have a look at how to save game progress in Returnal.

Can you save your game progress in Returnal?


Returnal: How To Save Your Game Progress
The game has an autosave feature that keeps running.

You cannot manually save your game progress in Returnal. While the game does have an Autosave feature, the game doesn’t allow you to quit midway through a loop. Nor are there any save points along the way. So if you do leave the game while you’re on a run through a loop, your run progress won’t be saved.

The autosave feature will store your progress, inventory items, and achievements as you beat various bosses in Returnal. However, if you were to quit midway through a loop the game will restart by sending you back to the Helios Crash Site. There even is a restart option that will send you back to the Helios Crash Site to start your run.


There is a workaround to this and you can say thank you to the PS5 for that. Simply pause Returnal and put your PS5 into Rest Mode. Doing so will ensure that the game is paused and you can open it up again to continue where you stopped off at. Beware however that you do not switch the console off as this will put you back in the position where you started.

This is everything you need to know about how to save in Returnal. While you are here make sure you check out some of our other Returnal guides.