Returnal: How To Walk On Lava?

This article will guide you on how to walk on lava in Returnal.

Returnal explores the journey of a survivor on an alien planet. The game is a great blend of futuristic tech and creepy aliens. Although you start your journey with a pistol, players will get lots of weapons and armor upgrades on their way. One such upgrade is the Promethean insulators which will help you walk on lava in Returnal. Let us see how to walk on lava in Returnal.

How To Walk On Lava In Returnal?

Returnal Promethean insulators
To walk on lava you’ll need the Promethean insulators in Returnal. You can find the Insulators in the Fractured wastes biome. At fractured wastes you will come across a chamber with 4 paths branching out,1 one of them is optional and that is where you have to go. You can also identify it by the dark blue triangle icon on your map. To open this path you will need an Atropian key, you will find it in the Echoing ruins. The game doesn’t directly ask you to explore every biome but forces you to do so through ways like these. Getting the Atropian key isn’t that difficult, all you have to do is grind through the echoing ruins very thoroughly.

Once you enter the optional path you’ll see a room full of lava (where else would you find lava-proof shoes). There will be some rocks floating so jump over them carefully. After that use the zipline to go over the lava and reach the end of the room. At the end of the room, you will find a pedestal with the Promethean insulators. The Promethean insulators help you walk on extreme elements, which means you can walk on lava as well as ice using these. This is a permanent upgrade so won’t have to get it again.

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