How To Get Secret Ending In Returnal

Here is an amazing twist you can only see n the secret ending of Returnal.

The secret ending of Returnal will let you understand the normal ending and much more about the game. Returnal has a lot of plot twists and elements that will leave you wondering about what is happening. From multiple biomes to a very thrilling story, there’s everything that you’ll ever want in a game. If you wish to know how to get the secret ending in Returnal, check it out right here.

How To Get Secret Ending In Returnal

Returnal Secret Ending

To get the secret ending in Returnal, you will have to complete all of the six biomes and defeat the final boss, Ophion. After this, you will once again be taken back to Helio’s crash site where you will reawaken. During this run, you will need to collect all six Sunface Fragments, check out all the house sequences, get the car key, and beat the final boss again. As soon as you unlock your car, you will be able to see the true ending in the game.

This will require you to play through the game once again, and while this seems redundant. You will notice a few things have been changed. As soon as you finish the game on normal mode and then play Act 3, you will find Sunface Fragments. Your job is to find all six of these things and they can be found in each biome.

After this, you will need to check out the house. You can only do this in the Overgrown Ruins and the Echoing Ruins, and these can be found in the first and fourth biome respectively. Make sure to check out all the Overgrown Ruins in the first biome before proceeding, you will know you’ve seen all of each sequence when the house locks you out.

This will lead you to find the Car Key, this is an important item in the game and make sure that you get it. Proceed normally and defeat the final boss, Ophion. Jump down the hole and follow the lights as they will lead you to your car.

All you have to do is use the Car Key to unlock the door and this will initiate the secret ending in Returnal. This is all you have to do to check out the true ending in Returnal, and it will take a lot of time. While you’re here make sure to check out our Returnal Tips and Tricks section to know more about the game.