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Returnal: How To Dive And Swim Underwater

Test the waters before you deep-dive in Returnal

Returnal is a world of unknowns and unpredictables. A wrong move here and a curious touch there will get you killed. It is an alien planet after all. The biomes are beautiful yet disastrous. You will have to encounter bosses that are unimaginably dark and yet so intriguing at the same time. The environment plays a vital role in the boss fights and almost seems like a part of the plan. The final biome of Returnal is underwater and so are a ton of resources. We will help you dive to the depth of the underwater and teach you how to swim in Returnal.

How to Swim In Returnal?


Hadal Ballasts
The players can go underwater and swim in Retrunal after completing the 5th biome of Fractured Wastes in Returnal. This will unlock the Hadal Ballasts technology for you. If the players will try to dive in or even walk through the water of puddles of any liquid, you will see that your character takes damage. The ability of swimming will be unlocked after the 5th biome only so the players will have to wait it out. However, once you get through the 5th biome and defeat the boss, you will find a Zeno technology called Hadal Ballasts that will look like the picture below:

Swim In Returnal dive underwater
The enemies in this 5th biome are a tedious job. Hence, make sure you collect all the available resources in the environment first. Once you unlock this, take it off of the legs of the enemy and simply fixate it on yours. Now that Selene is equipped with this she will have the ability to swim. Simply dive into the water,  into the oceanic world of the Returnal, and defeat the final boss that is underwater. There will also be a lot of underwater resources in Returnal biomes that you will get access to after this ability unlocks.

So that is all for our guide on how to swim in Returnal. If you would like to know how to get the Melee Weapon in Returnal, check out our guide on that too.