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Returnal: How To Open Yellow Doors And Barriers?

Here's how to unlock and open yellow doors in Returnal.

In Returnal, players are curious to know how to get through the yellow or orange doors and barriers and that’s what we will address in this guide. These doors and walls close off optional rooms or conceal valuable objects when you play the game. What do you need to break through and open the yellow energy walls? We’ll clarify how to knock down these barriers and open up even more opportunities when you discover each biome as part of this Returnal guide.

How to Open Yellow Doors and Barriers in Returnal?


In Returnal, you must equip and slash with a Blade Balancer Artefact, which is an enhancement for your Atropian Blade melee sword, to open a yellow or orange light, doors, and barriers. To open the barrier or door, press square to use your melee arm with the Blade Balancer upgrade equipped.

How to open yellow doors in Returnal

To find Blade Balancer Upgrade Artefact you will need to explore the entire level every time due to the procedurally generated level mechanism of the game. As a result, once you unlock the Blade Balancer Artefact, you can find it pretty much everywhere.


The Blade Balancer Artefact is often accessible at vast Fabricator locations mostly in Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins. It costs 250 Obolites to purchase this at any of the random terminals on the map. This melee attack is extremely useful in battle because it not only deals a lot of damage but can also smash through red energy shields and red vine walls.

Blade Balancer will stick with you for the rest of the current run until you die. It will allow you to break through any yellow barriers you come across. If you die, though you’ll have to search it all over again. You’ll have to search it all over again.

Returnal yellow or orange doors and barriers aren’t always worth opening. This is considering the effort required to obtain a blade balancer. Furthermore, your Obolites could be best spent on a silphium vial, a credibility update, or something else.


That’s everything you need to know about opening yellow light doors in Returnal. There’s a lot more hidden info in the game that will help you to survive longer. So take a look at our  Returnal Guides we’ve built with many tips and tricks to help you in navigating this planet.