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What Are Rent Targets In Monopoly Go?

Don't know much about Monopoly Go Rent Targets? Read this to learn about the feature.

Are you new to the Monopoly Go world and have no idea what Rent Targets are or how to get and use them? No need to worry, this guide has covered everything you need to know about the feature. Monopoly Go has both elements of traditional Monopoly boards and modern casual games. Unless you have many boards, changing locations is not possible in reality, but here you have a list of places to explore. You build and complete Landmarks to unlock the next board. Fill your album with various kinds of Stickers. Trade to get more Dice, Cash, and Cards. Unlock Community Chests with your friends and so on.

How Rent Targets Work in Monopoly Go

Where Are Rent Targets In Monopoly Go

Rent Targets are the floating circular icons you see above your Property Tiles. They keep rotating and have targeted player’s pictures on them. Every time you land on tiles with Rent Targets, you get to charge the targeted player rental. And like Monopoly board games, they pay you rent according to the value of your property. So you will get less money if there are no Houses and Hotels and will get a hefty amount if there is. Similarly, if you were using multiple Dice, then the Rent amount would also increase. You can increase the number of Rent Targets by increasing your Net Worth in Monopoly Go.

How Does the Game Determine Who Pays Rent?

Developers haven’t clarified how this system works for the one getting targeted. But there are some assumptions. It seems like players are randomly selected and placed on your board. And you don’t get to reject rent from such players, even if they are your friends.

Hopefully, this answers your question about what Rent Targets are in Monopoly Go. The game is filled with useful and unique features. If you are curious, check out our Monopoly Go guides. Start by learning if there are any cheats in the game, and then use these tips and tricks to advance faster.