God Of War Ragnarok Raven Keeper: Where To Find & Beat Her

Unable to find or defeat Odin's most trusted Acolyte? Check out our boss guide on where to find and beat the Raven Keeper in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok features a plethora of bosses and enemies against Kratos as well as his companions. The Raven Keeper is one of the bosses that has been referenced throughout the previous game. With a personal vendetta against Kratos, she can be quite a troublesome feat to face against. She is one of the trusted acolytes of Odin that is entrusted with kidnapping and turning the children into Ravens. But where to find or summon this boss? Check out our boss guide on where to find and beat Raven Keeper in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Find or Summon the Raven Keeper in God of War Ragnarok

You have to eliminate all 48 Ravens to summon or find the Raven Keeper in GoW Ragnarok. You can do so by progressing through the Eyes of Odin’s Favor. As soon as you defeat your first Raven, you will start with this favor. Here’s how you can find the Raven Keeper:

  • In total, there are 48 Odin’s Ravens scattered across the Nine Realms. So, make sure you have access and can travel all the realms.
  • As mentioned earlier, you need to defeat all 48 Ravens to summon the Raven Keeper.
  • If you are having trouble finding them, check out our guide on all Odin’s Ravens locations and rewards for more help.
  • Once you have defeated all of Odin’s Ravens, you can travel to Niflheim to earn the Raven’s Gifts.
  • Over there, you will find 6 different Legendary Chests at the Foot of the Raven Tree. These chests unlock by defeating a certain number of Ravens.
god of war ragnarok raven keeper
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  • The Raven Keeper will appear once you have opened all the chests and claimed their rewards.

Make a note to equip all these rewards before facing this boss. Scroll till the end to find out how to defeat the Raven keeper in GoW Ragnarok.

How to Beat the Raven Keeper in GoW Ragnarok (Boss Guide)

The Raven Keeper has an HP meter of two health bars. While this boss fight is comparably easier than others, she will disappear and appear throughout the fight. This boss fight also features another boss which we will come back to later. So, here’s how you can defeat the Raven Keeper in God of War Ragnarok:

  • As the Raven Keeper disappears and appears, follow her to the battle arena. Her playstyle and set moves are similar to the Seidr Revenant Witches or Hags.
  • The only difference is that she can disappear when the odds are against her.
  • Most of her attacks can be blocked or parried easily. For the offense, you can use the Spartan Rage to cause more damage. And make sure to cause damage before she disappears.
  • You can use Freya to shoot arrows and interrupt her frost attacks. Alternatively, you can also use the Shield to block her attacks.
  • We suggest using the Blades of Chaos for crowd control and to inflict more damage.
  • Once you have depleted a good chunk of her health bar, she will disappear and surround you with Frost creatures. These include the Hel-Reavers and Hel-Shadows.

god of war ragnarok raven keeper

  • There are two more waves of enemies that will spawn as you deplete her health bar.
  • Although defeating them will be a cakewalk, the Raven Keeper would appear during the second wave. During this wave, you will encounter the Hel-Vikens.
  • We suggest taking care of the frost creatures before dealing with the Raven Keeper in GoW Ragnarok.

When she has a small chunk of the last health bar, she will disappear again and the Pale One will spawn. As Freya and Kratos look up in the sky, they would see this vicious dragon. Scroll till the end to know how to beat this boss.

How to Defeat the Pale One (Boss)

The Pale One would shoot a series of frost debris before crashing down to the ground. As these projectiles are easily visible, make sure to dodge them. This boss has an HP meter of three health bars. But once you know its weakness, it is quite easy to defeat this dragon.

  • This boss has only one vulnerability that can lead to their death. And that is the glowing patch on its throat.
  • You can go for the Draupnir Spear to shoot the projectiles near its throat area. This can cause a good amount of damage.
  • You can use different Runic Attacks once it lands on the ground. We recommend using the Spartan Rage to inflict more damage.
  • When the Pale One uses Dragon Breath, you can get closer to aim at its throat. Also, be wary of its claw attack.
  • For most of its attacks, you can dodge them to get an opening. Once you deplete its entire health meter, hit the R3 button to finish this boss.

pale one boss

Coming back to the Raven Keeper, she will reappear after you have finished the Pale One. With the small chunk of her health left, you can defeat and finish the Raven Keeper in no time.

god of war ragnarok raven keeper

That’s everything covered on where to find and beat the Raven Keeper in God of War Ragnarok. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to beat Thor, Heimdall, Dreki, Crimson Dread, and more God of War Ragnarok Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.