God Of War Ragnarok Crimson Dead: How To Defeat It? (Guide)

Here's what you can do to beat the Crimson Dread in God of War Ragnarok.

There are several bosses that you will come across giving Kratos & Co. a difficult time to overcome. This is not the end, there are side quests including bosses that are equally challenging to compete against. You will encounter such side bosses during some Favor quests in this game. Crimson Dread is one such competitive side boss in God of War Ragnarok faced by Kratos while completing the ‘For Vanaheim’ side quest. This flying dragon is tough to defeat as he is one of those agile creatures in the game. If you are facing trouble beating this character, then this article is all you need. Check out this guide that features some tips and strategies to defeat Crimson Dread in GoW Ragnarok.

How to Beat Crimson Dread in GoW Ragnarok

How To Defeat Crimson Dread In God Of War Ragnarok

First of all, know that Crimson Dread keeps on moving. The only time you will see this creature still is when he is stunned. Further, the best strategy while facing this creature is to defend as much as possible. Make sure that you dodge its claw and fire breath attacks at the right time. This is because Crimson Dread’s attacks can not be blocked by the Shield in God of War Ragnarok.

I would recommend using weapons like Draupnir Spear and Leviathan Axe in this fight. Both of these weapons can be used to aim and attack this creature. Once, you have caused some damage to the Crimson Dread, it will take off and try to attack you from the Sky. Ensure that you parry at the correct time and avoid its fire attacks.

While it is in the air, you can use the Leviathan Axe to hit it and bring it down to the ground. A successful hit will stun the Crimson Dread making it fall to the ground. At this moment, you have to throw in everything you got including heavy attacks from your weapons and arrows from Atreus. This will cause one heck of damage to the Crimson Dread in GoW Ragnarok. Repeat this all and all again to deplete this boss’s health bar to zero making it face defeat.

That’s all you have to do in order to defeat Crimson Dread in God of War Ragnarok. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our GoW Ragnarok Wiki for more information.