God Of War Ragnarok Heimdall Boss Guide: How To Beat Him

Unable to defeat the mind-reading Watchman of the Aesir? Check out our boss guide on how to beat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

As Kratos and his companions journey across the Nine Realms, you will encounter several threats, enemies, beasts, and bosses. You will face Heimdall, the son of Odin and the God of Foresight. If you have read enough Norse myths, you would know that Heimdall can read the minds of his opponents. Due to this ability, it can be extremely challenging to defeat him alone. So, you might need some extra help defeating the impervious-to-damage boss enemy. So, check out our boss guide on how to beat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Beat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok

You will encounter Heimdall as you progress through the Creatures of Prophecy story quest. Before starting with the Heimdall boss fight, you need to defeat Gulltoppr. He is the steed mount of Heimdall who can blast Bifrost attacks in GoW Ragnarok. But most of his attacks can be parried, dodged, or blocked. So, defeating this beast would be quite easy. This four-legged Beast has an HP meter of six health bars. Rather than using Axe or the Blades of Chaos, you need to use the Draupnir Spear for this boss fight.

god of war ragnarok beat heimdall

Once you have taken down Gulltoppr, the Heimdall boss fight will begin. As mentioned earlier, Heimdall can read the minds of his opponents. So, you won’t be able to strike him before you have filled his stun meter twice. Heimdall has an enormous HP meter of 10 health bars and Armor protection for his health meter. The Heimdall boss fight features two phases. While being comparably more challenging than other boss fights, you can break down his defense to strike him first.

So, here’s how you can defeat Heimdall in GoW Ragnarok:

Phase 1

Despite reading the minds of his opponents, the unpredictability of Draupnir’s spear balances out the boss fight. You can throw this spear around the place and detonate them to stun him.

  • Before you fill his stun meter, maintain a distance and avoid his melee attacks as much as possible. For starters, you need to break Heimdall’s guard by filling the stun meter.
  • Most of his attacks are blockable and can be parried easily. When you fill his stun meter for the first time, you will fail at striking him.
  • Regardless, keep on throwing the Draupnir spear across the place and detonate them to fill his stun meter. You can also line them up to detonate when he walks on them.

god of war ragnarok beat heimdall

  • Once you fill the stun meter for the second time, Kratos finally would land a punch and break his defense.
  • Now, you can deplete his HP meter with your attacks. But make sure to guard up by dodging his unblockable attacks.
  • Heimdall can use several Bifrost attacks to cause serious damage. If you get hit by the Bifrost attacks, it gets inflicted on your health bar and can detonate.
  • To avoid any Bifrost damage, you can use the Rond of Purification.
  • You can also avoid these attacks by dodging them out of the way or interrupting them mid-charge.
  • While it heals over time, getting hit can result in significant damage. For such odds, you can use Kratos’ Spartan Rage to heal yourself.
  • After you have depleted half of Heimdall’s HP meter, he will use an Armor to protect his health. But this defense can be easily broken down with a few strikes of Draupnir Spear.

It’s exactly how Mimir accounts to Kratos, “You need to find an opening to damage him.”Once you deplete Heimdall’s entire health meter, it will leave him staggered for a while. You need to hit the R3 button to conclude the phase. This will trigger a cutscene and the second phase would begin.

Phase 2

Heimdall would be much more aggressive and offensive during the second phase of the boss fight. He also has a couple of new Bifrost attacks up his sleeves or arm. If you perfectly time these attacks, there are brief moments where Heimdall is vulnerable during this fight.

  • For one of his attacks named Realm Shift, Heimdall can slow down time to damage you. You can block or dodge these attacks.
  • You can equip the best shields for Kratos to block these attacks. Alternatively, you can also dodge your way out. But make sure to dodge sideways as he can lunge forward to damage.
  • You can also use several Runic attacks for Draupnir Spear to inflict extra damage.
  • Due to his super quick movements and Realm Shift, he can also discard the thrown Spears. So, make sure to detonate the thrown Spear whenever he’s in the range.
  • Similar to the first phase, he can also use the protection armor for his health bar.
  • Heimdall can also unleash an unblockable attack where he slams the Bifrost sword into the ground.
  • While you dodge this attack, there’s a short time when he is vulnerable to melee attacks. Don’t hesitate to throw some heavy melee attacks.

how to beat heimdall god of war ragnarok

  • You need to counter the Red and Blue attacks as soon as they are highlighted.
  • If you parry his melee attack, it can leave him open for a brief moment. You can use this period to hit him with heavy Runic attacks.

Once you have depleted his second health bar, a cutscene would be triggered. This will conclude the Heimdall boss fight in God of War Ragnarok. It will unlock a new Lore entry in the Codex and reward you with 3000 Kratos XP, Emblem of the Nine Realms Amulet, and Hilt of the Hoffund Relic. Furthermore, you also earn the Comeuppance trophy or achievement.

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