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GoW Ragnarok Better Weapon: Upgrade Leviathan Axe Or Blades Of Chaos?

Here is the weapon that you should upgrade first in GoW Ragnarok.

Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos, which is the better weapon is a question bothering many GoW Ragnarok players. Both of these weapons are fun to use in different situations but you can only gather so many resources to upgrade either of them. At least in the early game. And upgrading the right one can make the game a whole lot easier. So in this guide check out which is the better weapon to upgrade first Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok.


Best Weapon to Upgrade in God of War Ragnarok (Axe Vs Blades)

which weapon to upgrade first axe or blades in god of war ragnarok

You should upgrade the weapon that you enjoy using the most, as you will have more fun playing the game then. There are perks for both of them, but if we had to keep it simple then Leviathan axe is good for single targets, and Blades of Chaos is good for crowd control. Don’t worry even if you upgraded either of them, it isn’t going to be a waste. Both weapons serve their purposes. Here is why you might want to choose one weapon over the other.

Blades of Chaos

Blades of Chaos is easily the most fun weapon to use in the game. Especially if you have played any of the older games set in Greek Mythology. This weapon is excellent for attacking multiple enemies at the same time. While it does lesser damage when you compare it to the Leviathan Axe, it has great range so you will constantly be damaging several enemies at the same time. Thus it will help you deal with hordes of enemies easily. With Blades of Chaos you can unlock the following moves:

  • Rushing Chaos / Chaos Slam
  • Scorched Earth
  • Hyperion Grapple

Leviathan Axe

Leviathan Axe is a treat if you like its recall ability, similar to how Thor can call back Mjolnir. Not only does that feel good but this game just like God of War (2018) gets it right. This weapon is excellent for dealing a ton of damage to single targets. Not to mention its reach. You can throw the Axe very far, in terms of reach Blades of Chaos can’t even compete with the Leviathan Axe. The best part is Leviathan Axe does damage twice to the enemies, once when you throw it and the second time after you recall it. So if you can align yourself and your enemies in a somewhat straight line, you can hit multiple of them twice. This weapon gives you the following moves:

  • Frost Rush / Leviathan Fury
  • Glacial Rake
  • Extinguish Flames

That covers this guide on whether you should upgrade Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok. I suggest you also check out our GoW Ragnarok Wiki for more help on other sections of this game.