God Of War Ragnarok Hrist & Mist Boss Guide: How To Beat Them

Unable to defeat the Valkyrie Duo? Check out our boss guide on how to beat Hrist & Mist in God of War Ragnarok.

As Kratos and Atreus get on with their adventure across the Nine Realms, they will encounter a plethora of threats. One of these includes the Valkyrie duo, Hrist & Mist. While fortunately, Kratos doesn’t have to deal with them alone, Atreus can be a helping hand in warding off these Valkyries. Regardless, as they gain more strength from All-Father you might need some extra help. So, check out our boss guide on how to beat Hrist and Mist in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Beat Hrist & Mist in God of War Ragnarok

You will encounter Hrist and Mist at Muspelheim during the Summoning Story quest in GoW Ragnarok. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with them both at the same time. So, it’s the perfect time to upgrade Atreus’ archery accessories. These Valkyries share the same health meter as it gets depleted together. But they get replenished consequently from the strength of All-Father, Odin. Furthermore, they also get much more aggressive with each phase of the Boss fight. With the right timing, as you block, dodge, or parry their attacks, defeating them should be pretty easy.

These Valkyries have three phases and share a single health bar that has three tiers of difficulty. But as there’s not much difference in their attacking patterns, defeating them will be a piece of cake.

Disclaimer: There are mild spoilers in the following guide. So, if you mind spoilers, now is the best chance to head back.

Let’s delve into all three phases in more detail to beat the Valkyries, Hrist & Mist in GoW Ragnarok:

Phase 1

  • The attacking patterns of both the Valkyries are pretty basic and normal. You can easily break down their Wing slashes and shot projectiles. But be wary of their attacks, when they interchange.
  • You can use suitable Runic attacks for your Leviathan Axe to damage them. Most of Hrist and Mist’s attacks can be parried.

    god of war ragnarok beat hrist mist
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  • As you parry their attacks, keep an eye out for an opening. They can be most vulnerable during that period. And if you time it correctly, you can blast them with combos.
  • When they spin and revolve their wings together, Hrist and Mist can potentially damage you the most. For these attacks, dodging out of the way would be the best option.
  • Similar to most boss fights, Atreus will call out their locations to warn you off. Trusting and listening to him can also help you avoid the duo’s attacks.

Once you deplete their first shared health bar, a cutscene would be triggered. During this, Mist would knock Kratos off the fight arena and the duo would grab Atreus.

Phase 2

The second phase would begin with Kratos rescuing Atreus from Hrist & Mist in GoW Ragnarok. This phase would be a bit more challenging as the Valkyrie duo would fly around the battle arena.

god of war ragnarok hrist mist how to beat

  • So, close the distance and avoid long-ranged combat against them. That’s because the Valkyrie duo have several Area of Effect attacks up their sleeves or wings.
  • When they unleash these attacks, the ground would be highlighted with Red glowing circles.
  • As soon as they are highlighted, move out of the way to avoid any damage from the impact.
  • When the odds seem against you, don’t hesitate to use Spartan Rage for Kratos and Atreus. Make sure to use the best shields during this phase.


The second phase of this boss fight would conclude as you deplete their shared health bar.

Phase 3

  • While the attacking patterns and style won’t change much, Hrist and Mist would have immense powers for the final phase. Their attacks would be much more aggressive and offensive.
  • But having said that, you can balance it out with perfect timing and defense.
  • When they close their wings around themselves, keep on attacking them to break their defense.
  • You can switch between your weapons to deal with the pair.

god of war ragnarok how to beat hrist mist

  • As they make a leaping attack, dodge your way out to defend yourself. You need to look out for their AoE attacks as they can cause some serious damage.
  • Furthermore, you can look out for the scattered Ragestones and Healthstones across the arena for some health. Keep on your best defense and attack them as soon as you see an opening.

Once you have depleted their last health bar, Atreus would transform into Bjorn to finish Hrist and Mist off. You will get 5000 Kratos XP, 2500 Atreus XP, and the Gale Flame as the rewards for completing the Boss fight. In addition to that, you also earn the Better Together achievement.

That’s everything covered about how to beat the Valkyries, Hrist & Mist in God of War Ragnarok. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to beat Thor, Nidhogg, Gna, and more God of War Ragnarok Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.