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God of War Ragnarok: Best Shield To Use (Abilities Explained)

Here are the 3 best Shields that you should choose from to use in GoW Ragnarok.

Using the best Shield in God of War Ragnarok, not only gives you the best defense but also lets you attack your enemies. There are a total of 5 shields that you can use in the game. And while none of them are bad, some will be more useful than others based on how you play. That is if you like to block, parry, or rush your enemies. So in this guide check out the 3 best shields you can use in God of War Ragnarok.


Best Shields to Use in God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok 3 best shields and their abilities

Even though there are only 5 shields in the game, these 3 are better and are more suitable in different situations.

  • Shatter Star Shield
  • Guardian Shield
  • Stone Wall Shield

Here is what these shields have to offer.


Shatter Star – Best Shield in God of War Ragnarok

With Shatter Star you get the ability Shield Punch. You can double-tap L1 to punch your enemies with this Shield. The more it is charged the more power it will have when pushing back enemies. The best part is you need to just press and hold L1 to start charging it up. And if that wasn’t enough using Shield Punch just before an enemy attack connects, will let you absorb the damage and charge it up a lot.

You can consider this an upgraded version of the Dauntless shield. Because just like parrying, here you get rewarded for timely using Shield Punch. Hence it is easily one of the strongest shields in the game.

  • How to Get: You can get it from a Legendary chest in Vanaheim after completing The Reckoning.

Guardian Shield

Guardian Shield a gift from Faye the deceased wife of Kratos. While it isn’t usable at first but after it gets fixed it is a pretty solid choice. With Guardian Shield, you get the ability Shield Check. This shield allows you to absorb and shoot back projectiles at enemies. A very cool shield if you are looking to get a balance between Dauntless and Stone Wall shields. Although if you are very good with your parrying then you should still prefer Dauntless over this.

  • How to Get: Complete the mission, The Word of Fate.

Stone Wall Shield

This one is on this list for its defensive capabilities. If you aren’t looking for any fancy abilities for your shield or don’t parry much. Then this shield should do the trick for you. It can block and absorb a ton of damage. And you even have the ability Shield Slam. You have to block enemy attacks with the help of this shield and when you release it you can use it to attack the enemies. If fully charged then you can also launch them in the air.

  • How to Get: Pick this shield over Dauntless when you get to choose it.

That covers this guide on the best shield in God of War Ragnarok that you can use. I suggest you also check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki to get more help with similar topics.