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God Of War Ragnarok Defeat Blatonn (Boss Fight)

Here is how you can beat Blatonn in God of War Ragnarok.

During the Creatures of Prophecy chapter of God of War Ragnarok, one of the mini-bosses you will beat here is Blatonn. It is an Alpha Wulver, that gives you Boon of Valor amulet enchantment upon defeat. You can use it to enhance the power of your Valour Spartan rage. But it has some moves that can do a lot of damage to you, if not fought carefully. So in this guide check out how to Beat Blatonn in God of War Ragnarok.


How to Beat Blatonn in God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok defeat blatonn
Image Credit: Release-Fire on YouTube

You can beat Blatonn in this game by spamming your attacks on it. This is a mini-boss. Blatonn is an Alpha Wulver, so it has a lot more health than other Wulvers in the game. But fighting it isn’t tough. During the fight, it mainly uses the following moves:

  • Slash attack: Blatonn will try to slash at the player. This attack is indicated by a yellow ring. So you can either parry it or dodge it just before it connects. If you do choose to dodge it then create a distance between you and Blatonn. Spam your attacks after it is done with its slashes.
  • Strike: Blatonn will raise both its arms in order to strike Kratos down. Make sure you always parry this attack, as it takes away a good portion of its health.
  • Long chain of slashes: Blatonn tries to attack Kratos with a long chain of slash attacks. There are only two main ways to deal with this combo. You can either roll away from it the entire time as if you were playing Dark Souls. Or you can whip out your Shield and block all the slashes. This is a combo attack so avoid trying to parry it.

Counter all of the above moves then keep attacking and you will be done with this fight in no time.

Tips to Defeat Blatonn

  • Blatonn has a relatively small health bar. Thus it is somewhat easier to deal with when compared to some other mini-bosses in the game.
  • Be careful of its long slash chain combo. While it has a smaller health pool, this attack can do a lot of damage to Kratos.
  • Parry its attacks: Blocking, and dodging can be useful but the fast way to eliminate Blatonn is to timely parry its attacks.
  • Build on its Stun: Freya can shoot arrows at it while you aren’t attacking. This will maintain the Stun bar and you can fight a bit more flexibly.

That covers this guide on how to Beat Blatonn in God of War Ragnarok. Don’t forget to check out our GoW Ragnarok Wiki for more help on similar boss fights, chapter walkthroughs, and more.