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Outriders Inbox Locked Bug: How To Fix And Collect Hell’s Rangers Pack

Check out the different ways to solve the Outriders inbox locked bug.

The looter shooter game which made a lot of impact during its demo has finally launched but it is not without some pesky bugs. There have been major server issues, problems with crossplay and there have been bugs in the side quests as well. Don’t worry though because the developers are working on it but there’s something you can do before the patch is out. The glitch we will address in this guide is related to your inbox. If your Outriders inbox is locked, know that you are not alone because this bug is affected quite a bit of players. It is basically preventing players from getting the Hell’s rangers bonus pack. If you too cannot collect this pack, we’ll tell you what to do in our guide on how to fix Outriders inbox locked bug.

Outriders Inbox Locked Bug Fix


inbox locked bug outriders

Try these possible solutions to fix the Outriders inbox locked glitch.

  • Close the game and load it up again and access the inbox.
  • Instead of fully closing, go to the lobby and head back in.
  • Choose another character and access the inbox, take the items and put it in your Stash. Then transfer those items to your main character if you’d like.


This is basically how to fix the Outriders inbox locked bug where you weren’t able to collect the Hell’s Rangers Bonus Pack. With any of these tricks, you will be able to get it easily.

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