Outriders Detour Mission Road Bug Fix: Escort Marshal & Captive To Trench Town

Learn how to fix the Detour Mission Clear Road bug in Outriders

Outriders has a Detour mission called Escort Marshal & Captive to Trench Town which seems to have a road bug. This is a pretty annoying thing as there is no alternate route to complete the mission. Outriders is a newly launched game and as such, it is but natural there will be some bugs. The game is quite expansive and such niggles will be around. Hopefully, with future patches and updates, the game will solve such issues. Follow the steps and instructions in this guide to know how to fix the bug in the Escort Marshal & Captive to Trench Town Detour Mission.

How to fix the bug by clearing the road in the Detour mission

Outriders Detour mission Bug fix
Clear the road with this simple step.

To fix the Clear the Road Detour mission bug follow these steps.

  • Go back to the in-game lobby.
  • In the lobby begin one stage back from where you are.
  • Start the game again.
  • This should fix the bug but it might take multiple tries for some.
  • If that doesn’t work you will have to restart the game.

The actual bug is that a command button should pop up when you approach the rocks blocking the road. Interacting with this command button clears the rock using your altered ability. However, in the first go through this button seems to be missing for many players. Once you restart the current stage you will again have to kill the 2 enemies guarding the area. However, that is pretty easy as they aren’t that important. After that clear the road blockage and proceed. Here you can place a banner so that you can fast-travel.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix the clear road bug in the Escort Marshal & Captive to Trench Town Detour Mission in Outriders. While you are here have a look at some of the other common Outriders bug fixes such as the Authentication failed error or the Win-64 Shipping.exe error.