Solution To Fix Outriders Authentication Failed Error

Are you facing login issues on Outriders?

Outriders multiplayer and cross-play function has some bugs and issues which lead to various connectivity issues. One of the common bugs many gamers are facing is authentication issues. Their screen is stuck on connectivity and blocks users from entering online matches. In this guide, we will discuss some common solutions for fixing Outriders Authentication error.

How to fix Outriders authentication failed error?

Outriders Authentication Bug

The authentication error is linked with server connectivity. If Outrider’s server is down you won’t be able to connect to online sessions. The first thing you have to do is verify Outriders Server status. You can do that by referring to the link where you can find two ways to verify the server status. The first is via direct link and another way is via Twitter where the developer updates about the server status.

Few instant fixes to resolve Outriders Authentication error is by restarting the router. It will reset the internet connection and resolve any IP-related bugs. But if this fails to work then right-click on the tiny pc/LAN icon in the system tray and click on Troubleshooting. This will reset your pc internet settings for a while. The fastest way to resolve connectivity issues for online gaming.

Still, if you are unable to authenticate on Outriders then there is a major server issue. And this is going to take time. As per a recent tweet, there are still some issues going on in the US area. Outriders developer also released an official patch for the same. We have covered all the details on the same in the link in the first paragraph.

On some network connections due to restricted IP settings, you cannot directly connect to the server. This restriction does not give you stable access, for example, if by default IPV4 settings are disabled on your system then also things will fail to work. Make sure you are on default settings. Resetting your router will help but before doing this note down all the login and other access details.

Outriders developers have recently released a patch. Go to steam and run the latest update to finalize any new patch. The same you can do on the console. That’s it for fixing up Outriders Authentication error. It is closely related to the server and if things are well then you have to ensure your internet is not buggy.