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Outriders Bad Day Side Quest Crashing: How To Fix Bug

Here's how to fix the Bad Day quest glitch and prevent Outriders from crashing.

If you are trying to play the Bad Day side quest in Outriders, chances are that it is making the game crash. This is happening due to the bug in Bad Day which has a simple fix and that is exactly what we will detail in this guide. Follow the steps given below to get the rewards for this quest without causing the Outriders crashing bug to rear its head. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to Fix Outriders A Bad Day Crashing Bug


how to fix outriders a bad day side quest crashing bug

As you know, the game will crash when you try to collect the rewards by talking to Eva at the shop. To fix the bug, there’s a workaround that is related to the Hell’s Rangers gear and Legendary items. The solution is pretty simple. What you need to do is put these items in your stash and then go ahead and receive your rewards for this side mission. Once that is done, you can revert this action and put all of the gear back in your inventory.

This should solve the Outriders Bad Day crashing bug until the developers officially patch this out. This fix has also been provided by the devs so that players can collect their rewards and prevent the game from crashing.


So, that’s all about how to fix A Bad Day side quest crashing bug due to the Hell’s Rangers equipment and legendaries being present in your inventory. Put them in your stash until you pick up the rewards and you’re good to go.

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