Outriders: How To Fix “No HUD And Crosshair Disappearing” Bug

Here's a quick guide on how to resolve 'No HUD and crosshair disappearing' issue in Outriders.

Outriders players have been encountering various issues since it launched on April 1, 2021. Amongst many bugs, ‘no HUD’ is an issue that has left thousands of players frustrated. There are hundreds of players who reported that they are having a ‘no HUD’ bug, making it impossible to see them HUD while playing Outriders on PC.

For the unversed, whenever this error occurs in Outriders, basic features like crosshair, health bar, minimap, weapon loadout, and skill bar disappear from the screen. Outriders released for multiple platforms but most of them who reported ‘No HUD crosshair disappearing bug’ are PC gamers.

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If you too are having ‘no HUD’ error in Outriders but don’t know how to fix it then we have a guide covering a temporary solution in the easiest way possible.

How to fix “No HUD And crosshair Disappearing” bug in Outriders

If you have already started playing Outriders then you must know how difficult it is to function properly within the game without basic features like minimap, weapon loadout, healthcare, crosshair, and more. When you encounter ‘no HUD’ issue in Outriders, all of these basic features will be disappeared from the screen. 

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Fortunately, we have a temporary solution to this issue. To fix the ‘no HUD and Crosshair disappearing’ bug in Outriders, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open up Menu and Select ‘Options’.
  • Go to the HUD tab and turn OFF all options that you see in it.
  • Once done, close the ‘Options’ tab and head back into the game.
  • Then, repeat the same steps but this time turn everything OFF.
  • Now, close the Options tab and head back to the lobby.
  • Lastly, click continue or select the desired chapter. Once done, head back to the game and you will see HUD appearing on the screen.

There are hundreds of players who claimed to have fixed the ‘no HUD and crosshair disappearing’ issue in Outriders by using this method. When we tried this option, it worked for us as well. This is not a permanent solution to the issue but this is the only way to resolve the ‘no HUD and crosshair disappearing’ bug in Outriders until People Can Flu patches everything up. For everything else, head over to our Outriders Wiki guides.