How To Easily Beat Molten Acari Boss In Outriders

Molten Acari in Outriders is a spider-like boss that you will have to face. Check out how to easily defeat Molten Acari in Outriders here

Molten Acari Boss in Outriders is a giant spider that spits lava and sends small spiderlings to attack you. This is practically the first boss fight that you will face in the game. This boss fight can be a bit difficult if you do not know how to counter all of the attacks, so make sure to check out this boss fight guide if you’re having any difficulties.

How To Beat Molten Acari Boss In Outriders

To beat the Molten Acari Boss in Outriders, players will need to understand the attack patterns and dodge the incoming attacks, the boss fight is pretty easy as long as you do not get caught in any of the attacks. Make sure to focus your attacks on the abdomen where the scales are present. Keep on attacking that area and you will soon expose it, making it easy to take down the Molten Acari. There are a total of three phases to this boss fight, and each phase will have you adopt a new technique.

how to beat molten acari in outriders
To beat the Molten Acari in Outriders you will need to defeat it in three different phases

For the first phase, you will have to dodge all the attacks that are marked on the ground, these can be easily dodged by rolling out of the marked area. Make sure to attack the Molten Acari as soon as you dodge the attacks.

The second phase of the boss fight will have the Molten Acari move around and launch attacks towards you, also be careful of the spiderlings as they will keep on distracting from the main objective. Also, this time around, the marker of the attacks on the ground will be a bit lighter so you’ll have to keep on checking and not stay in one place.

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This time also you will need to focus on the abdomen as the scales will be off and you will have a much easier target, this will also open up your opportunity to cause more damage. This will get you ready for the final phase of the Molten Acari boss fight.

For the final phase, you will face a different version of the Molten Acari, this form is the most dangerous with its attacks and also easiest to dodge. All you have to do is follow the flames of the tentacle and run towards it. This will keep you safe from the flames that are following you.

Make sure to keep an eye on the ground and dodge out of the marked area. Here once again you will have to destroy all the spiderlings, as well as attack the boss.

After a brief moment, you will see the boss fall back into the lava pit and you will have defeated the Molten Acari in Outriders, this is all there is to know.

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