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Dismantle Vs Sell In Outriders: Should You Go For Disassembling Or Selling?

Players are questioning whether they should be dismantling or selling their gear. What is the best thing to do? Find your answer here.

In a previous guide, we’ve explained how to dismantle items including weapons and armor. But is it a better decision to dismantle or sell your gear in Outriders? If you are curious to know the answer to this question, we’ll give it to you in this guide. The results of doing both are different and will affect you differently depending on the point you are at in the game. We will explain what you need to do at certain sections and what you will get by dismantling vs selling gear and mods in Outriders.

Outriders: Dismantling or Selling – What to Do?


When you dismantle your gear, you will get resources like Iron (Weapons) or Leather (armor). It depends on the type of item – white, green or blue. From higher rarity items like purple or legendary ones, you get the rarer Titanium as a resource. Now, with these resources which are also crafting materials, you will be able improve your equipment so if that’s on your mind, go ahead and upgrade it with this method.

Outriders Dismantle Vs Sell

  • When you dismantle purple gear, you will get its mods and then you can talk to Dr. Zahedi to use those mods elsewhere.
  • When you disassemble weapons and armor, you will also unlock more Shards depending on the item. You can use Shards to raise certain attributes of equipment like Status Power, Anomaly Power, Close Range Damage and more.


These were all the advantages of dismantling your gear but what happens when you sell? You get Scrap which you can use to buy more equipment. Irrespective of the vendor, you will only get less or more Scrap depending on the gear rarity. To find someone to sell to, all you have to do is find the dollar sign on the minimap and choose to sell. It’s a fairly simple process.

Dismantle Vs Sell

Based on the point of the game you’re at, you can take the call regarding dismantling or selling gear in Outriders. If you’ve already unlocked the mods for some gear (you can check if it has a square and x symbol), it would be a better idea to sell it. If not, then the better option is to disassemble it and unlock that mod. But in some cases, you will also need a ton of Scrap which is the game’s currency.


So, in conclusion, what you need to do is first check the gear piece for its mod and unlock it by dismantling. If it’s something you don’t need and don’t want to use the Titanium that you will get from it, then go ahead and sell. Your perspective will change after you complete the campaign because the end game Drop Pod resources will come into the picture. When you sell items at this point, you can trade Scrap and get Titanium.

We hope that gives you an idea about what you should do regarding dismantling vs selling gear in Outriders. There’s lots more to know and boss fight strategies to understand from our Outriders guides so go ahead and check those out as well.