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Outriders: How To Collect & Use Scraps

Here's how to collect and use Scraps in Outriders.

Scraps in Outriders is important as it is the main form of currency in the game. There the good quality screws and bolts found in chest dismantled objects and even dropped by foes after a fight. They can buy any items including weapons and gears from vendors in the world of Enoch. So without spending more time, let’s look at how to collect & use scraps in Outriders.

How to Collect & Use Scraps in Outriders


Outriders Scraps

Outriders being a game that you can play in both solo and 3 player co-op focuses on class points, skill trees, and builds. The main backbone of this system is to collect better gear and weapons to beat the game in higher difficulty World Tiers. There are different methods to collect Scraps in Outriders as listed below:

  • As enemy drops from human enemies when you kill them. The higher the status of the enemy, the more you get scraps. Some lower-tier enemies won’t drop scraps. So keep killing as many foes as you can.
  • From chests, loot all of the chests you lay eyes on. All of them must be scavenged for any amount of shiny metal scraps. Additionally, you can get more gears also from here.
  • By dismantling items from your inventory, you will get scraps when dismantling any weapons or armor. But we suggest instead of dismantling them, you sell them to earn 2-3 times more scraps from vendors. This step must only be done if in the middle of nowhere and need more space in your inventory.
  • By selling items to the vendor in Rift Town base, you can get better value for your items them simply dismantling them.


Make sure to play that highest World Tier you have unlocked to get more scraps per every gameplay. Also, the first two vendors who conduct transactions in scraps are unlocked fairly early in the game. Gregor Ram will be available after completing the game prologue. Make sure to pay him a visit now and then to buy armors in regular rotation. Then Eva Lopez, the vendor for weapons will be available once you finish the first side quest.

That’s everything there is to know about how to collect & use scraps in Outriders. Meanwhile,  check out our linked guides here to know more tips & tricks in Outriders.