Outriders: How To Get & Use Anomaly Shards

Here's how to get Anomaly Shards easily in Outriders.

Outriders is one of the best 3rd person co-op PVE shooter game released this year. There are a ton of powers, skills, and abilities you can combine and chain with your teammates to deal massive damages in the game. The game focuses on replayability by increasing the world’s difficulty and challenges. You will have to increase your stats and attributes by getting better gear and improving your ability powers. Anomaly Shards play a vital role in this. So let us look at how to get and use Anomaly Shards in Outriders.

How to Get & Use Anomaly Shards in Outriders?

To get Anomaly Shards in Outriders, you need to dismantle the items that you don’t use from your inventory. The types of Anomaly Shards you’ll get when you dismantle an object are indicated by a crystal icon, shown right next to an attribute in the item’s description. You can use Anomaly Shards in Crafting to increase bonus attributes.

Outriders Use Anomaly Shards

Anomaly Shards, including Leather, Titanium, and Iron, are among the available crafting resource in the game. These attributes can be applied to higher-tier weapons to make them even more effective in surviving the harsh world of Enoch.

Here are the weapon bonus attributes you can modify by applying Anomaly Shards:

  • Anomaly Power

    Increases your base Melee damage, Skill powers, and Status Effects.

  • Armor Pierce

    Lowers the value enemy’s armor and deals more damage.

  • Bonus Firepower

    Increases the base weapon damage.

  • Close Range Damage

    Increase bonus damage to all enemies within 10 meters.

  • Cooldown Reduction

    Reduces skills’ cooldown timer.

  • Crit Chance

    More chance to deal a critical hit with weapons.

  • Critical Damage using Anomaly Shards in Outriders
    Outriders Get Anomaly Shards

    Increase of damage value of critical hits and headshots.

  • Healing Received

    Increases the amount of health restored through direct healing.

  • Long Range Damage

    Increase bonus damage to all enemies further than 25 meters.

  • Max Health

    Increases max health stats.

  • Resistance Pierce

    The percentage of enemy Resistance that is ignored while dealing Ability damage.

  • Skill Leech

    Heals you for a percentage of damage dealt by a Skill.

  • Status Power

    Increases the effectiveness of your Status Effects, like damage done or duration of the effect.

  • Weapon Leech

    Heals you for a percentage of damage dealt by a weapon.

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