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How To Farm And Get Drop Pod Resources In Outriders

Find out how to get Drop Pod resources in Outriders.

Drop Pod resources are actually another type of currency in Outriders. They are very important in getting some rare weapons and items in the game. Some high-end weapons and items are available for purchase in later stages of Outriders. These require a different kind of resource than the usual in-game currency. Obviously with these being rare items that we are talking about, getting Drop Pod resources is hard. Hence, to help you out, in this guide we have outlined how to farm and get Drop Pod resources in Outriders.

How to get Drop Pod resources in Outriders


Outriders Drop Pod resources
Gain some high-quality weapons to increase your firepower.
  • Drop Pod resources are received as rewards for completing ‘Expeditions’.
  • Expeditions are unlocked at the end of the game after you have completed the Story Mode.
  • The Expeditions work according to a tier-based system that has more unique resources the higher the tier.
  • When you complete Expeditions you come across a Drop Pod that has unique Drop Pod resources.
  • You can use these Drop Pod resources to either enter the Inner Ring which is the Final Expedition or earn some high-quality weapons and armor.

Drop Pod resources are important for later stages of the game. At higher levels, the enemies are more resilient. This is where the uniqueness of Drop Pod Resources shines through. With these resources, you get unique high-quality weapons. These weapons deal more damage than usual. Thus, farming for Drop Pod resources is a good idea.


How to farm Drop Pod resources

  • Scrap and dismantle all extra weapons in your inventory.
  • Choose to be paid back in Titanium units for the scrap.
  • In the camp go speak to Tiago.
  • Tiago will help you exchange this Titanium to get Drop Pod resources.
  • 2 units of Titanium gets 1 unit of Drop Pod resources.

This is everything you need to know about how to farm and get Drop Pod resources in Outriders. While you are here look at some other methods of upgrading items such as using Mods or by Leveling Up your items. Alternatively, you can even have a look at how to defeat Chrysaloid.