Outriders: How To Replay Quests

Here's how to replay story missions & side quests in Outriders.

The quests in Outriders are divided into the main story missions and the secondary side missions. The story mission allows your character is in getting close to the source of a mysterious signal, the side missions allow you to understand and explore more the world of planet Enoch. So if you are wondering if you can play the previous missions again, then read on to know how to how to replay quests in Outriders.

Can You Replay the Missions in Outriders?

Yes, you can replay both story mission and side quests in Outriders. This is very useful in leveling up your World Tier and farming for Legendary weapons. This is extremely useful as the game supports cross-save & all the progression can be carried forward from the demo to the full game.

How to Replay Outriders Main Story Quests?
how to replay Outriders

You can replay missions in Outriders by accessing the main menu and clicking on “Select Story Point”, on the left side of the screen. From here you can select any mission after the tutorial and play it with your newly unlocked weapons and gears. This will allow you to unlock higher World Tiers and increase your chance to get better legendary drops. This method will allow you to replay the missions to farm for any specific weapon you want, or complete the boss battles at a higher difficulty. Once you are done with the quest, you can use the same “Select Story Point” option to return to the story where you reached.

How to Replay Side Missions?

To replay a side mission, you have to speak again to the NPC who gave the side quest. During your conversation, you will get a dialog option to “Replay Quest”, selecting this will allow you to replay the side mission again.

That’s everything there is to know about replaying missions in Outriders. In case you are playing the game on PC and are facing some crashing issues, check out our linked guide to know how to fix that. There’s more about Outriders that you need to know, find all the guides below: