Doors Monsters List (2023)

Check out this list to learn about all the Monsters of Roblox Doors.

Learn about all the Monsters of Doors and escape from these terrifying entities to win the game. The count of entities might be limited, but the amount of fear they inflict is not. When you enter the game door, you will be thrown into a scary location, where every room you enter will give an eerie feeling. You have to run, hide and open the doors at all costs because they are coming to hunt you. Rush is rushing towards you, Seek is seeking you, and Eyes is staring at you.

List of All Doors Monster Entities

Doors Monsters List

Monsters you face in Doors try to act like obstacles, but they are capable of harming and killing you. So beware of them and check this list to know who are they.

  • Figure: The Figure is a humanoid whose rib cage is sticking out and has a mouth for the face. Its teeth are sharp like they are ready to crush bones.
  • Screech: You often find Screech in a dark room, silently approaching you. So put on your earphone and listen to even the faintest sounds of Monsters in Doors.
  • Hide: Don’t hide in the closet for long, Hide will find you there, as it is where it stays.
  • Rush: As Rush comes near you, you will deal with ear-splitting low-pitched screaming noise. And if caught, only death awaits you.
  • Eyes: Surrounded by purple smoke, the Eyes makes this pretty color terrifying. Avoid its stares, as it feeds on your health.
  • Halt: Blue Glowing eyes and sheet ghost-like look, and flickering lighting are the signs of Halt.
  • Ambush: Hide from it, as it tries to Ambush you after you have faced other monsters and tired yourself.
  • Dupe: This Doors Monster will use fake doors to mislead you and deal damage till your health goes to 0.
  • Timothy: Timothy is a spider you will find in containers, so open them carefully.
  • Jack: Jack wouldn’t let you enter the closet, even if you are being chased by the Ambush. But the chance of its appearance is pretty low.
  • Glitch: It usually appears when players fall into a void. And it looks like there is a Glitch on it, but that’s just how it looks.
  • Seek: Seek is a black slime-like creature that watches all your moves.

This wraps our Doors Monsters and Entities list guides. Figure and Seek are the Entities guaranteed to appear in the hotel. While other Monsters like Rush, Hide, Jack, Halt, and Glitch are recurring in nature. So if you found this useful, do check out our other Doors guides, like how to revive and use Sprint in Doors.