Roblox Doors: How To Beat Level 50 (Survive Figure)

Here is how you can beat level 50 in Roblox Doors.

Level 50 is one of the hardest levels you can beat in Roblox Doors. In this level, you are in a library with a giant monster trying to hunt you that is known as Figure. And while it doesn’t have any eyes, it can hear you very easily when you are not careful enough. So in this guide let us check how to beat level 50 in Roblox Doors and survive the Figure.

How to Beat Level 50 in Roblox Doors

roblox doors beat level 50 and survive figure
Image Credit: Nat & PJ on YouTube

In order to beat level 50 of Roblox Doors, you need to collect all 8 books and decipher the code for the exit. Two important things you need to collect in order to exit are:

  • 8 Books
  • 1 Sheet that gives you a hint to the Exit code

The catch is you will need to avoid the Figure all the while collecting these books. Here is how you can clear this level.

  1. As soon as you enter Room 50, you will see it is a Library. There are two floors to this library.
  2. Start by searching the books on the bottom floor.
  3. When you enter the Library, you can find a desk on the left side of the room. It won’t be immediately left as you enter, rather further ahead. The desk is where you find the sheet to get the Solution for the Lock.
  4. You should try picking this sheet at the end after picking up all the books or after you are done scouring the bottom floor.
  5. Search the shelves for any books that stick out. When you pass them by you should also get a shimmering or sparkling sound effect.
  6. Pick up the books and hide in the wardrobes whenever you feel the Figure is getting close.
  7. When inside a closet you will have to play a minigame if the Figure passes outside the Wardrobe. In it you have to click the left and right mouse buttons or the Q and E keys on your Keyboard.
    1. You can make a mistake once here, but if you miss twice you get ejected from the Wardrobe and the Figure will get you. It is also a good idea to wait for a while after the minigame for Figure to leave and not exit immediately.
  8. Next, go to the top floor and collect the remaining books.
  9. Once you have all the books and the sheet, use the sheet to learn the solution.
  10. Every book has a symbol and a number. The 8 books will have these 8 symbols. You can find them and their numbers in the bottom left corner of your screen.
    • X
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Diamond
    • Pentagon
    • Hexagon
    • Star
    • Circle
  11. The sheet will tell you the pattern with roman numbers and symbols.
  12. So for example if I is Square, and Square is 5, and II is Triangle, and Triangle is 2, the sequence will be 52… and so on. I have just given an example with two symbols and numbers. The actual solution consists of 5 numbers.
  13. Once you have the solution ready, hide somewhere close to the exit and wait for the Figure to be as far away from the lock as possible.
  14. When you see the Figure is away and out of sight, enter the code and exit the Library. You will then beat level 50.

In case you are playing this game multiplayer then make sure all the players are near the exit while entering the codes. Also, try crouch walking as much as possible to avoid making noise.

That covers this guide on how to beat level 50 in Roblox Doors and survive the Figure. If you like playing this game then we have plenty of guides to help you on topics like how to survive Screech, Ambush, Rush, and Halt. You should also check how to get the Expert Technician badge in this game.