Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quests 31-32 Solution: How To Complete Them

Here's how you can complete the Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side quests 31-32.

You can complete various types of side quests in Hogwarts Legacy throughout its long and magical playthrough. But as players continue with their progress, they are stuck at 31/32 side quests. Players are reportedly unable to start the last quest from Hogsmeade as none of the side quests are showing up. If you are looking for the Completionist trophy and quest rewards, you must complete the missing side quests. But is there a fix or solution for this issue? Check out our guide on how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Missing side quests 31-32.

How to Complete Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quests 31-32

hogwarts legacy missing side quests 31-32

The main reason for the missing side quests is that players haven’t triggered or completed the requirements to unlock them yet. In total, there are up to 57 side quests that you can complete to earn the Good Samaritan trophy.

The three side quests that players are unable to start and complete are as follows:

  • Sacking Selwyn
  • Tangled Web
  • Well, Well, Well

So, let’s delve into how you can complete and unlock the missing quests after 31-32 side quests in Hogwarts Legacy:

Sacking Selwyn

Starting from the first side quest, you can activate this side quest by talking to Hyacinth Oliver. You can find her located at Cragcroft region on the hill looking at Hamlet. But to unlock and start this side quest, you must reach at least level 35. Along with that, you also need to complete the Helm of Urtkot main quest. You might be missing the Sacking Selywn side quest if you don’t meet any of the above requirements. Once you have met those prerequisites, fast-travel to the Cragcroft Floo Flame point to talk to Hyacinth.

Tangled Web

To unlock this side quest, you must complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial and the Absconder Encounter quests. You also need to beat the Acromantula spider boss for the second time. After beating the Spider for the second time, head over to the Three Broomsticks located in the Hogsmeade region. Over there, find and talk to Crispin Dunne to start the Tangled Web side quest. Note that you also need to unlock the Alohomora spell to complete this side quest.

Well, Well, Well

You must find the Magic well located to the southeast of Aranshire in Feldcroft to unlock and start with this side quest. You can find this Magical well located to the southeast of the Aranshire Hamlet near a Merlin Trial and a Bandit Camp. Once you have saved the Magical well from choking on parchment, you must find the Treasure chest to complete the side quest. If you are unable to find it, check out our location guide to find the Treasure chest in Well, Well, Well side quest.

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