How To Unlock Hogwarts Legacy Locked Doors And Chests

Unable to open locked doors and higher-level chests? Check out our guide on how to unlock the locked doors and chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features a plethora of nostalgic spells and charms that you can unlock or obtain. As you progress, you will come across different locked doors that are restricted to access. You will also encounter several high-leveled chests that refuse to be unlocked. But is there a way to open or unlock these locked chests or doors? There is but it requires players to lock-pick the door through a spell. Potterheads might have guessed the spell already. So, check out our guide on how to unlock the Hogwarts Legacy locked doors and chests to find out.

Disclaimer: This guide contains some spoilers related to the main story quest. So, if you mind spoilers, now is the best time to head back and check back later.

How to Open Locked Doors and Chests in Hogwarts Legacy (Lock Picking)

You can unlock the locked doors or higher-level chests by learning and using the Alohomora charm in Hogwarts Legacy. For that, you have to complete the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest. As it is a main story quest, you don’t have to worry about missing this quest in the game. You will get this quest early in the game while progressing through the main story quests. You will get this quest once you complete Percival Reckham’s trial.

After completing the Caretaker’s Lament quest, you will be able to cast the Alohomora charm to unlock the locked doors. So, here’s how to open the locked doors and chests:

  • Firstly, cast the Alohomora charm on the locked doors or chests. This will direct you to a quick mini-game to lock pick them.
  • You will see a green and red spark in the outer and inner rings around the gears. This mini-game involves getting both gears to spin at the same time.
  • If you are using a controller, you can use both analog sticks to control the rings.

unlock hogwarts legacy locked doors and chests

  • To control the inner ring with a red spark, you have to use the left analog stick. And you have to use the right analog stick to control the outer ring with a green spark.
  • For PC players, the A and D key buttons control the red spark in the inner ring. While for the outer rings, the E and Q key buttons control the green spark.
  • You simply have to line both these rings to unlock the door, chests, and cages.

Although the mini-game looks complicated at first glance, it’s pretty simple. Once you have learned this charm, you will be able to break locks in Hogwarts Legacy. But make sure to learn the Unlocking spell before you try to lock-pick the hidden secrets.

How to Get Alohomora Charm (Unlock Spell)

As mentioned earlier, you can get this charm by completing the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. This quest revolves around Gladwin Moon, the caretaker of Hogwarts.

  • During the quest, he will ask you to collect two Demiguise moon statues from a restricted area.
  • Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded the Alohomora charm to unlock level 1 locked doors.
  • To open every locked door or chest, you have to use the above method and complete the mini-game.

But to unlock the further tiers of locked doors, you have to upgrade the Alohomora Charm.

How to Level up or Upgrade Alohomora Charm in Hogwarts Legacy

You can upgrade the Alohomora Charm by bringing a certain number of Demiguise Moon Statues to Gladwin Moon. There are three tiers to the Alohomora Charm in Hogwarts Legacy. As you can collect these statues only at night, you might have to change the time using Map Menu.

So, here are the number of Demiguise Moon Statues you have to collect and give to level up Alohomora:

  • Alohomora Charm Level 1: Bring two Demiguise Moon statues and complete the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest.
  • Alohomora Charm Level 2: Bring seven Demiguise Moon statues to Gladwin Moon.
  • Alohomora Charm Level 3: Bring thirteen Demiguise Moon statues to Gladwin Moon.

If you are unable to find these locations, check out our guide to find out all the Demiguise Moon statue locations.

Upgrading the Alohomora Charm can help you unlock higher-level locked doors, chests, and cages. So, make sure to upgrade it to tier 3 for higher-level access.

That’s everything covered about how to unlock Hogwarts Legacy Locked Doors and chests. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to level up fast, how to get Flying Pages, how to get Merlin’s Cloak, and more Hogwarts Legacy Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.