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Hogwarts Legacy Helm Of Urtkot Witch’s Tomb Guide & Video

Wondering how to find the Helm of Urtkot in Hogwarts Legacy? Follow the steps in this walkthrough guide.

As soon as Lodgok tells you to enter the Witch’s tomb by yourself, you know you are in for some trouble (and fun). If you are on this quest called The Helm of Urtkot and need some help while you are at it, check out this guide that will show you the way.

Make sure you have already spoken to Sirona in Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and then spoken to Lodgok in the Hogs Head tavern. After this, he will ask you to meet at the Witch’s Tomb. His location will be marked on the map.

How to Get the Helmet in Hogwarts Legacy (Helm Of Urtkot Witch’s Tomb)

This guide covers the main points of this quest. Make sure to watch the video at the end to see the full walkthrough.

The Collector’s Cave

how to solve door moth puzzle hogwarts

As you enter the tomb, you will come across a door with spaces for three moths embedded in it. The trick is to use Lumos to collect a Moth and make it hover towards your wand. Then come back to the door and turn off the Lumos spell. The moth will attach itself to the door. The third moth will be present in the passage to your left.

Note: You will come across similar doors further ahead in this quest. The only challenge will be locating the moths and bringing them to the door in the right order.

Further ahead, you will encounter a door with a gap in it. Use Depulso on the door to open it up, and there will be the third moth you are looking for. The first two will be present nearby.

Fighting Inferi

Inferi are an enemy type that can be damaged by fire so use Confringo, Incendio and use the Ancient Magic power to deal massive damage. Plus, you can throw the fiery pots in the area at them as well. Make sure you have assigned Talent Points to help you in this fight.

How to Power the Moth Structure at the Center

how to power up moth structure

Use Lumos to attract a moth (which many are mistaking to be a butterfly) to your wand and then place it on the moth structure at the center of the room. You can then power it up by using Depulso on it. Doing this will make a platform nearby go up, using which you can take the high ground. You will have to use Depulso multiple times back to back to make the platform reach higher up. This is how you can get to the third moth in this room.

Keep going until you find a room with a hole in it. There will be a hanging crate that you can drop down by using Basic Cast to break the rope. Jump downwards and walk into a new room where you will face more Inferi.

In this room, you will need to pick a Moth from the room and power up the centerpiece shaped like a moth. Again, use Depulso to bring yourself to higher ground via the moving platform. This will allow you to grab another Moth with Lumos.

helm of urtkot witch's tomb guide

Keep in mind that there are 4 moths in this room, so you can keep one on the centerpiece so that you can easily use Depulso whenever you need while solving this puzzle.

If you are stuck between Lumos or Depulso, do this: Add the Moth to the pillar to the left of the door on high ground. Then get up there using the platform. THEN use Lumos to attract the moth and use it. (This will be easy to understand via the video shown below)

Next, you will enter a room which is the resting place of the Witch but the Helmet is nowhere to be found. Explore the room, take what you need, and exit via the wall to the North Hogwarts Region.

Talk to Lodgok

He will tell you about the camp of thieves where you may find and recover the Helmet (Helm Of Urtkot). Fight off the Ashwinder Assassins and then loot the chest which contains the helm. Then go back to Lodgok and give it to him.

Here’s a video with the puzzle solutions:

That’s all for this Hogwarts Legacy Helm Of Urtkot Witch’s Tomb guide. If you don’t want to miss out on more Hogwarts secrets, head over to our wiki guide here.