How To Get Out Of Spinners Cave In Hogwarts Legacy

Stuck and unable to exit the Cavern? Here's how you can get out of the Spinners Cave in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features a plethora of Caverns, Dungeons, or Caves as you progress and complete certain quests. The Spinners Cavern or Caves is one such location that you will encounter while completing the Plight of the House Elf quest. This quest involves finding Tobbs and is relatively easier to beat. But a majority of players are having difficulty finding the exit of the Caves. Once players have beaten a Boss and found Tobbs, they are stuck in the Spinners Cavern unable to find the exit. And the worst part? You cannot even use the Map. Not to worry, here’s how you can get out of the Spinners Cave in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Out of the Hogwarts Legacy Spinners Cave

hogwarts legacy get out spinners cave

You can get out of the Spinners Cave by exiting from the same entrance you entered the Cavern. But for that, you must find an alternate path after finding Tobbs. You can cast the Revelio spell to find an alternate route and a chest. You can find both if you keep on following the route to your top-right. From there, you will find the Chest that you found when you entered the Caves.

You can collect the chest and jump down the hole to your right. Now, as we return to the interior of the Cave, take a left and exit the Caves just like you entered. Once you are out of the Spinners Cave, talk to Deek about Tobbs at the Room of Requirement. This concludes the Plight of the House Elf side quest and will reward you with 180 XP.

While finding an exit is a confusing feat, defeating the Acromantula won’t be easy as well. So, check out our guide on how to bury the Spider’s head for more insight.

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