How To Bury Spider’s Head In Hogwarts Legacy

Check out how to bury a Spider's Head in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, many players are wondering how to bury a spider’s head. If you too are one of them, then this guide is made just for you. In this action RPG, players will get to experience the magical world of Harry Potter. And as HP fans know, the spiders were one of the creepiest enemies Harry faced. Players will face them too in this game but there is a trick to subdue them and this guide will tell you all about it.

How to Bury Spider’s Head into the Ground in Hogwarts Legacy (Acromantula Duelling Feat)

Bury Acromantula Head in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: Saboteur on Youtube

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can bury the Spider’s Head into the ground by casting Descendo once it starts to perform its unblockable attack. The spider will raise its front legs and you’ll get a prompt to dodge or block. That’s when you hit it with the Descendo. Once you do that, the Acromantula or the Matriarch’s face will bury into the ground and stun them for a few seconds. You can hit them with heavy fire spells like Confringo or Bombarda to deplete their health.

Completing the “Bury the Spider’s Head” feat is all about timing so it may take a few tries. So make sure you carry loads of Wiggenweld Potion to heal from the attack. If you haven’t unlocked Descendo yet, you do not need to worry. Just progress in the game till you complete Professor Onai’s first assignment.

Although this feat is optional, we recommend you complete it. The major reason to complete Duelling Feats is to farm XP. As you progress in the game, you’ll need it to level up your character. Moreover, you’ll also get cosmetics for completing the feats. To check them, you can go to the Challenges section in the menu.

That’s all from us on how to bury Spider’s Head in Hogwarts Legacy. While you’re here, make sure you check out more content like How to Beat Absconder in our Hogwarts Legacy section.