How To Find And Beat Absconder In Hogwarts Legacy

Learn how to defeat the challenging and intimidating Infamous Foe Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has so much to explore and discover, one of these things to find and beat is the Absconder. You won’t need to travel far either to find this one. You must’ve already seen its smaller versions, the regular spiders that you encounter, but this one is truly different and big. Let’s learn how you can defeat this boss in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find and Beat the Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy

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To start the quest that leads you to fight with Absconder, head over to the Aranshire Hamlet. This area is to the south of Hogsmeade Station near a bridge. Here, you need to talk with Edgar Adley. After talking with him you will get the quest Absconder Encounter and be tasked with bringing back his friend’s Heirloom Pocket Watch.

Where to Find Absconder

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First, make sure that you are equipped with Confringo and or Incendio Spell as spiders are very weak to fire. This will make it much easier to get to Absconder and also against him. Absconder’s Lair can be found on the north side of the map at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The nearest fast-travel Floo Flame point to this location is the North Ford Bog.

If you travel here on foot, you will need to fight off several spiders before you get to the Absconder. Alternatively, you can also use your broom to fly right into its lair and skip fighting the other spiders.

How to Fight and Beat Absconder

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Absconder is considered to be an Infamous Foe, which means that he is known to be a tough enemy to deal with. If you can’t seem to do much damage or get close to defeating him, consider leveling up and getting better gear.

The most crucial thing to be wary of during the fight with Absconder is his unblockable lunge attack. This attack might seem easy to dodge initially but you have to keep in mind that Absconder will unpredictably add more of these attacks. He can attack up to three times in a row.

You can also make use of the big rock at the center of the arena as cover. But still, you should be prepared to dodge and block the attacks from the other smaller spiders while trying to beat Absconder.

Returning to Edgar with the Heirloom Pocket Watch

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After you beat the Absconder, head to the north of the cave where you will notice an entrance surrounded by webs. Cast a fire spell on this to get rid of it and also destroy the three spider eggs. Make sure you destroy these eggs as these will spawn Venomus Hatchlings if you don’t.

Once you have entered through it, head to the back of this cave where you can see a treasure chest. The Heirloom Pocket Watch will be on the ground in front of this chest.

After returning to Edgar Adley, you will have multiple choices on how you want this to end. There are two main options to choose from and will slightly change the rewards you get from this Absconder quest:

  • The first option is to simply return the Heirloom Pocket Watch to him. Edgar will thank you for doing this task and that it means a lot to him. He will then reward you with 300 Galleons for this quest.
  • The second option is to ask for a reward and suggest that you can just sell the watch for a more excellent reward. This will cause Edgar to think you are selfish and comment on your selfishness. But, this will result in a better reward of 500 Galleons.

The two options don’t have any real consequence apart from the different dialogue you can get from Edgar Adley. So feel free to choose what you want based on how you want your character to be portrayed.

That is all the details you need to know how to beat Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy. For more articles like this, check out our other guides on Hogwarts Legacy like how to get to Poidsear Coast and how to get overpowered early.