How To Get Overpowered Early In Hogwarts Legacy

Looking to speedrun and cast Avada Kedavra? Check out our guide on how to get Overpowered Early in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features a plethora of magical gameplay elements and mechanics for players to explore. But for the players starting their expedition with Professor Fig, there’s a long way to learn. This has got several players pondering if they can get overpowered spells, gear, and traits early on. Before we begin, the answer to that question is No. But there are several ways to develop your character in Hogwarts school early. With some help, your character will be mastering and casting advanced spells or curses in no time. So, check out our guide on how to get Overpowered Early in Hogwarts Legacy to find out.

How to Get Overpowered Early in Hogwarts Legacy

We have compiled some tips and tricks for the players to get overpowered early in the game. So, here are some tips to remember as you start with Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Focus on Talents
  • Look out for the Chests
  • Fully upgrade Alohomora Spell
  • Go for Battle Arenas
  • Choosing Perfect Gear Traits

hogwarts legacy get overpowered early

Now, let’s delve deeper into these suggested tips to get overpowered early in Hogwarts Legacy:

Focus on Talents

Talents play one of the most pivotal factors in developing the different character builds in Hogwarts Legacy. You will unlock Talents early in the game once you complete the Jackdaw’s Rest quest. In total, there are 48 different types of talents that you can unlock for your character. But since your maximum level is capped at 40, you can spend only 35 Talent points. You have to wisely choose the Talents that you are going to spend your Talent points on. While you can replace the Talent with another one, you cannot undo or respec talent points. So, choose them wisely. We suggest focussing on the different talent masteries to cause significant damage.

If you are confused about choosing Talents, check out our guide on the best Talent builds for your wizard or witch.

Look out for Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s a wide range of collection chests, disillusionment chests, and treasure vaults scattered around the open world. These chests can reward you with Gold Galleons, gear, and other loot. If you are looking for easy money, we recommend collecting ornate or open-eye chests. Every chest you unlock will reward you with 500 Gold Galleons. So, it’s a pretty great way to farm money quickly and purchase more gear. We also suggest looking out for the legendary chests as they always contain Legendary gear. This can help you farm XP and level up faster in Hogwarts Legacy. When you cannot spot any chests, don’t forget to cast the Revelio spell.

hogwarts legacy get overpowered early

If you are looking for more money, check out our guide on how to get Infinite Money passively.

Fully upgrade Alohomora Spell

Speaking of the chests, there are several locked doors and chests scattered around the open world. Once you unlock the Alohomora spell, you will be able to unlock them and collect the loot. You can complete the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest to unlock this spell. But since there are different levels to the locked area, you will have to upgrade the tiers of the Alohomora spell. We suggest focussing on upgrading the Alohomora spell fully to tier 3. This would allow you to access all the restricted areas and become overpowered in Hogwarts Legacy.

Go for Battle Arenas

As the name implies, Battle Arenas are the various special areas or locations in Hogwarts Legacy. In total, there are two Battle Arenas for players to access. But if you have bought the deluxe version, you will also have access to the Dark Arts battle arena. Over here, you can also practice dark arts and unforgivable curses against enemies. You have to fight different waves of enemies and bosses that yield different rewards once completed. These battles are great if you are looking to farm XP. In addition to that, these battles also allow you to practice different spells against your enemies.

Choosing Perfect Gear Traits

Talking about the traits, these are the buffs or boosts that can be applied to your gear. You can complete different challenges that reward you with different traits for your gear. If you are looking to become OP early on, we would recommend griding for particular traits. What you need to do is pick those traits that enhance those spells and help you out during combat. For example, if you are great with the Confringo spell, you should choose the Destruction traits for your gear. Doing so will significantly increase the damage with the Confringo spell. That being said, choose the traits that would reward you with bonuses and cause increased damage to your enemies.

There are three tiers for these traits and you can level them up using different crafting materials. But similar to the talents, you cannot remove the traits from your gear. Even though you can replace it with another trait, we suggest picking them wisely. If you are confused about adding them to your gear, check out our guide on how to put traits on gear for more insight.

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