How To Find Chamber Of Secrets In Hogwarts Legacy? (Basilisk Easter Egg)

Enemies of the heir, Beware! Check out our guide on how to find the Basilisk Easter egg and the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite constantly casting Revelio spells, Hogwarts Legacy features a plethora of enchanting hidden secrets scattered around the Wizarding World. Out of all the hidden mysteries, the Chamber of Secrets and Basilisk are arguably the greatest hidden secrets for an average academic fifth-year Hogwarts student to know of. But jokes aside, it’s what the second Harry Potter movie and book is based on. And that’s what has got several players thinking if it exists in the game. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to find the Basilisk easter egg and the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find and reach the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets by using the Lower Grand Staircase Floo flame point. Likewise to Harry Potter books and movies, this entrance is located near the Girl’s bathroom or more commonly known as Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. However, we suggest players don’t expect her to wander around as Elizabeth Myrtle hasn’t been born yet.

So, here’s where you can find the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Firstly, head over to the Lower Grand Staircase using the Floo Flames.
  • As you notice some stairs, climb down and head in the right direction.
  • Then, follow a corridor that will lead you to two separate bathrooms.
  • Enter the Girl’s bathroom to the right and cast the Revelio spell.
  • You will find a sink similar to the Harry Potter movies and books with a snake inscription that unlock the Chamber of Secrets.
hogwarts legacy find chamber of secrets basilisk easter egg
Image Source – xGarbett on YouTube
  • Furthermore, you will also find a field page stating the inscribed snake into one of the copper sinks.

How to Unlock and Enter the Chamber of Secrets

Unfortunately, you cannot enter or unlock the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy. For that, you need to know Parsletongue, the language of serpents. But sadly, there’s no way to learn Parseltongue or enter this hidden secret through any main quests or side quests. However, when you cast Revelio, you will see a snake carved into one of the faucets or sinks.

The devs might make the Chamber of Secrets accessible during future DLC expansions. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait until WB Games or Avalanche Studios spill the beans about it. If that happens, we will make sure to update this guide.

How to Find the Basilisk Easter Egg in Hogwarts Legacy

Recently, a Twitter user, @MaximRagey tweeted that they spotted a giant Basilisk slithering across Slytherin’s Common Room. This Basilisk easter egg was spotted at night by the player which disappeared out of sight. You can spot this easter egg by heading to the right of the Common room. But as you climb the stairs to take a closer look, it transforms into a slide restricting players further.

Until now, there’s no way or workaround to get through the Basilisk easter egg in Hogwarts Legacy. However, Slytherin players can investigate this easter egg at night. Since it lies in Slytherin’s Common room, players from other houses cannot witness the Basilisk easter egg. So, it’s kind of a bummer for other players.

However, the devs at Avalanche Studios might release a DLC expansion in the future. Speaking of which, Harry Potter and his friends were in Gryffindor house yet could uncover the mysteries of the Chamber of Secrets. This was due to Harry knowing Parseltongue or being an heir to Salazar Slytherin. Now, do you know who is an heir and direct descendant to Salazar Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy? Ominis Gaunt

So, players from other houses might also get a chance to witness both secrets in the future. But as of now, it’s inaccessible for all the players. We will make sure to update this guide if the devs make the Basilisk accessible in future updates or DLC expansions. Until then, you can check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page to find out everything related to the game.

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