Can You Attack & Kill Students In Hogwarts Legacy?

Is playing as the villain possible in Hogwarts Legacy? Let's find out.

Harry Potter fans the world over have waited years for a game that captures the magic and intrigue of the Wizarding World. And against all odds, Hogwarts Legacy has lived up to that dream. A vast open world, charming characters, and a slick combat system are just a few positives of the game. The story takes players on a journey through the mysteries that surround Hogwarts as a sinister force lurks in the shadows. But how far does the game go? Can you use your magic to kill students in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you Attack & Kill students in Hogwarts Legacy?

can you kill students in Hogwarts legacy

The simple answer is no you can’t kill any students, teachers and civilians in the game. The reason behind this is straightforward, you’re a student! While the game does allow one to take different paths in main and side quests, there is no morality system that can let players play as villains. You can, of course, kill monsters and other enemy types during combat with spells you’ll learn along the way. Check out our guide on the game’s Ancient spells and a Tier list of all the spells you can use. But all is not lost for the PC gamers among us. The Hogwarts Legacy PC Mod Avada Kedavra created by jedijosh920 lets players use the unforgivable curse on any and all unfortunate students (and teachers) who dare cross your path.

While the developer team at Avalanche Software will no doubt be focused on polishing and adding fixes and features to the current game, an option to kill students will be potentially game-breaking. But who knows what can happen in the sequel? Fans looking to dabble with the dark side will have to wait a little while longer before they can have the Hogwarts experience they are looking for.

In the meantime check out our Hogwarts Wiki and other Guides on the game to experience all that the game has to offer.